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10 things you can get free at Walmart

Most people don't realize that it's not that difficult to get free items, legally, from Walmart. Here are 10 tips that will have you saving money immediately.

Sienna Juteau
Sienna Juteau

1. Combine coupons with clearance makeup

Makeup is one of the things we can often find coupons or deals for, and when you can you should be combining them with clearance prices to get a free product.

We recently saw a deal at Walmart where Covergirl mascara was clearance for $1 and combined it with a coupon from SmartSource for $2 off Covergirl mascara. The result was a $1 moneymaker which will either be applied to the rest of the items you’re buying or be given to you in cash!

2. Find deals on soap and body wash

We’ve seen previous deals that ended up being moneymakers just by using a coupon we found on Smartsource and combining with the clearance price of Softsoap hand soap.

3. Always check for string cheese coupons

String cheese is one of those things I always have to keep stocked in my house for the kids’ lunches.

Our stock-up price for these is $0.15 apiece, so if you find a coupon where they come out free, stock up.

4. Turn a candy bar into a moneymaker

Combine coupons with clearance chocolates. We recently saw a deal for a $0.65 Hershey’s bar that was already clearance for $0.50 and ended up being a $0.15 moneymaker.

5. Check for coupons to get mustard free

The stock-up price for mustard is $0.10, but sometimes with coupons, you can get it free. Make sure you’re finding the correct brand.

Often it makes sense to get the smallest size in order to get it for free.

6. Buy individual bananas at no cost

Did you know you can buy just one single banana from Walmart for $0.18? Combine that with a store coupon to get ’em free!

7. Use Walmart's grocery pickup for free.

You don’t have to pay for the convenience here.

Unfortunately, coupons don’t work for grocery pickup, but hopefully, that’ll be changing in the future as we mentioned in our New Year’s Resolutions we made for Walmart.

But sometimes not having to go into the store is a massive win all by itself.

8. Get free 2-day shipping when you spend over $35

Get free shipping on the majority of their website when you spend over $35. There are a few exceptions, so look at the listings online to see if your items qualify.

Take advantage of this opportunity by waiting to make a purchase until your cart totals over $35.

This is a great place to have a look through to see if there are any current deals to get your freebies at Walmart.

By setting Walmart as a favorite store, your home page will keep you up to date on all the current deals we upload.

9. Combine coupons with clearance items to find moneymakers

This is the best way to find Walmart freebies because they often can turn into moneymakers with the leftover amount on the coupon.

Recently we saw a deal for a hand soap that was on clearance for $0.75 and with a $1.00/1 coupon became a $0.25 moneymaker.

10. Earn Walmart gift cards throug Swagbucks and Honey

The Swagbucks app will ask you to do little tasks like watching a video or taking a survey to add up your “Swagbucks.” Honey will give you a percentage of money back in Honey Gold when you shop online through certain stores.

After you earn enough Swagbucks or Honey Gold, you can redeem them for gift cards to different stores including Walmart.

  • Honey Gold is redeemable at 1,000 points ($10 Gift Card)
  • Swagbucks is redeemable at 300 Swagbucks ($3 Amazon Gift Card)

11. Download Ibotta to get $10 just for signing up

When you sign up for Ibotta, you get $10. Use the app to find rebates, and get cashback on your purchases that you can use on your next Walmart transaction.

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