3 Photographers’ Tips to Take Perfect Selfie

Learn these photographers tips to take perfect selfie. Let’s shot the best selfie the next time. Whether to post in instagram or set profile picture for social media sites, a flattering selfie is needed. Many are so crazy about selfies.  Make use of these tips to click best selfie. Let’s have a quick look on these tips to take perfect selfie the next time.

Warning: Do not attempt to take selfie crazily. Because it has ended many lives. So, make it simple, sensible and superb.

Smart Tips to Take Perfect Selfie

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Something New

Always pose yourself in something new, interesting and exciting. Try these below tips to make a flattering selfie.

  • Wear a hat or sunglass or dupatta on head to make a new stylish poses
  • Make new look hair styles – loose hair, pony in front or make fringes or front braids
  • If you love pets, try to pose with your furry friend – cat, dog, parrots or any pet animals
  • Focus more on eye makeup – Give your eyes different look with variety of eye liner styles
  • Color your lips to get attractive selfie
  • Instead of regular smile pose, try various emotions – happy, angry, sad, embarrassing faces
  • Make a super pose with your newly bought things – beauty items, phone, gadgets, dress etc
  • Slanting head one side is a classic pose among any other poses
  • Eat any sour or bitter foods, make reactions and make a pose – pickle, raw mango, sweets, chilli, tamarind, ice cream etc
  • Making collage with best selfie clicks will also make a perfect selfie picture.

Perfect Look

  • Hold the camera above your head
  • Look at the camera lens while posing
  • Install a selfie pro app as it helps to capture photos in many themes
  • Use editors in the app and do touch up with it
  • You can also use selfie stick to click best selfies
  • Let your eyes talk more in the selfie
  • Set a perfect look, pose and shot it!

Perfect Lighting Trick

This is one of the exclusive tips from pro photographers to shot a perfect selfie. Lighting matters a lot to photos. So, pose in a good lighting area.

  • Photographers advice to take selfie near window, door or outside in a bright day light.
  • While looking for lighting, check for decent background too.
  • Always stand opposite to the lighting.
  • If you are clicking selfie during day, stand opposite side of sun rise.
  • Best time to take selfie is one hour before sunrise and sunset. It gives perfect lighting to selfie photos.

Try these tips to make perfect selfie and be perfect poser!

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