5 Yoga Poses that Inspire you to Do Yoga Daily

Yoga is a best natural cure for any of our body problems. Doing yoga daily makes life calm, stress-free and also disease-free. Yoga has millions of benefits for body, mind and soul. You can simply lead a peaceful and happier life if you practice yoga routinely. But the problem is you do not find time and patience to try it daily. Doing yoga 10 minutes a day can really help for all our problems. Try these; you will get inspired to adopt yoga lifestyle.

Interesting & Inspiring Yoga Poses

These yoga postures gives us good motivation to do yoga at home regularly. Choose a calm, peaceful place and your comfortable timings. It is very important to wear comfortable clothing while trying these poses. Start slowly, do as much as you can try. You can do these poses exactly as shown if you practice for few weeks. Go ahead!

Pose #1

This standing yoga posture inspires anyone to try it. Balancing whole body weight in toes is really a challenging pose. Doing this yoga pose simply relax mind and strengthens body. This yoga pose gives good stability to body and mind. It also gives good relief from stress. What this yoga pose denotes for life is, to stand strong on our own feet during any circumstances in life.


Pose #2

This yoga pose seems to be easy but it also a challenging one to do. Your body has to be very flexible to do this. Start trying this yoga pose, you can do rightly as shown in the picture in a month. It is a best yoga pose for back pain. It strengthens spinal cord and all bones in our body. This pose is also excellent for hair growth.

Best Inspiring, Motivating, Interesting Yoga Poses

Pose #3

Isn’t yoga pose looks beautiful and inspiring? Yes, everyone who sees it wants to make a try. It is as simple as shown in the picture. All you need is consistent practice and patience. It is a best yoga posture to relax mind and to stay cool without stress and tensions.


Pose #4

Balancing whole body weight on our sides using hands is not so easy one to do. But this yoga pose is very effective for all our body. You can easily do this posture exactly as soon as the picture by practicing daily. This yoga pose gives us stable mind.


Pose #5

Feeling inspired seeing this pose? It strengthens legs and spine. It is a effective yoga pose for neck pain, back pain and body pain. It also relaxes mind and to keep body energetic. It gives gentle pressure on neck which improves blood circulation and relieves neck pain.


We hope you have motivated to follow yoga lifestyle. Isn’t? Get inspired to yoga, do it daily and lead a peaceful, problem-free & disease-free life!

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