Never Eat These Foods for Morning Breakfast!

Everyone knows the importance of eating morning breakfast. Still due to many reasons people skip their morning food. One of the best tips to be healthy is, to have morning breakfast daily. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat something in the morning. What you eat in the morning really matters a lot.  You must avoid some unhealthy foods for morning breakfast for healthy reason. Concerning your health, Dailytipsonline brings this to you. Let’s see what those are.

Unhealthy Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Healthy & Easy Breakfast Ideas

White Bread

Bread for morning breakfast is a quick & easy option for anyone. But doctors’ say it not a healthy breakfast option. Refined wheat has no health benefits. It is high in calories and carbohydrates which is totally unhealthy. It has high glycemic index which can cause type 2 diabetes. So, switch to healthy breakfast recipes with bread. Choose whole-wheat or multi-grain or oats or ragi breads.


Do you think biscuits are really healthy? It may be a handy snack to eat but it’s not completely healthy. Refined flour or wheat which called as maida is totally unhealthy. It doesn’t have adequate nutrients. So, avoid eating biscuits for morning breakfast. You can at whole wheat or fibre rich digestive biscuits with a cup of milk or tea. It is a quick morning breakfast idea.

Maida Foods

Whole wheat has many nutrients such as fiber, folates and multi-vitamins like B1, B3, B5. While refining wheat, all the nutrients in it are destroyed. Refined wheat (maida) is not a healthy breakfast options. Avoid eating pooris, parathas which are made of maida for morning breakfast.

Deep Fried Foods

Poori is one of the breakfast which everyone loves to have. What nutritionists say is, poori or any deep fried foods is not suggested for morning breakfast. Eating excess oily foods in the morning, may make you feel lazy throughout the day. If you are eating poori or any deep fried foods for morning, use tissue and squeeze excess oils and eat. Instead you can make healthy poori recipes with methi, vegetables etc.

Snacks & Sweets

Never eat snacks & sweets as your morning breakfast. High sugar, ghee or oil in sweets is not a good breakfast ideas. Also, deep fried snacks and added preservatives in it absolutely is unhealthy. You can consume them occasionally in limited quantity as snacks during evening time. So, look for some healthy & easy breakfast ideas.

Packed Fruit Juices

Do you think packed fruit juices are very healthy? These fruit juices contains only sugars, flavors and preservatives. Drinking it for morning breakfast is not good for health. It will also increase sugar levels. You can check the truth from label of the product. Check the ingredients, it will only contains very less fruit juice quantity (5 or 10%). So, drinking natural fresh fruit juices for morning breakfast is a great idea.

Avoid these foods for morning breakfast to lead a healthy lifestyle!

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