5 Granny’s Remedies to Increase Hair Growth

In olden days, people were having long, thick and black hair even in their 60s. But today, almost all of us are facing severe hair fall problems. Follow some powerful ancient home remedies to boost hair growth. Let’s recollect some useful grand mother’s home remedies to grow long, thick and black hair naturally. These remedies help to make hair healthy and shiny. It also prevents premature grey hair. Read more..

Grand Mother’s Tips for Hair Growth

Home Treatment for Grow Hair Naturally Fast

#1: Gingili Oil & Turmeric

Granny’s shares the best remedy to grow thick hair with turmeric and gingili oil. Grate some fresh turmeric. Heat one cup of gingili oil and add the grated turmeric. Boil the oil for few minutes. Apply it on scalp and hair. Leave it for an hour. Use this oil whenever you do hair bath. It helps to stop hair fall and increase hair growth naturally.

#2: Carrot, Lemon Juice & Coconut Oil

To grow hair fast, try this home remedy with coconut oil. Grate one carrot and add it to a cup of coconut oil. Boil the oil well for few minutes. Store it in a glass jar. When you want to apply, take required oil, add lemon juice and apply on scalp and hair. It cleanses hair well. It is also an effective home treatment for dandruff.

#3: Cassia & Coconut Oil

Cassia is a flower that helps for skin and hair too. Dried cassia flowers are available in many shops. Take some dried cassia flowers. Make it powder adding green gram. Add it and boil in the coconut oil. This oil helps to cure hair fall, dry and damaged hair problems. You can also add curd to cassia powder and use it for hair wash.

#4: Hibiscus & Castor Oil

Take some dried or fresh hibiscus flowers. Boil it in castor oil for few minutes. Filter and store it in a glass jar. It is an effective home remedy to grow hair naturally faster. Apply this oil twice a week and leave it for an hour. Wash well with mild shampoo. It makes hair soft, shiny, bouncy and healthy.

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#5: Gooseberry Powder & Coconut Oil

While you are nearing your 30s, you must apply this oil to prevent grey hair. Grate some gooseberry and add it in a cup of coconut oil. Boil well and use this oil twice a week. It will improve hair health and prevents grey hair. It also helps to maintain hair black naturally.

Try these effective granny’s remedies to increase hair growth fast and easily at home!

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