Health Tips to Follow During Periods

Want to avoid menstrual problems such as cramps, heavy bleeding, less bleeding and severe pain during periods? Then read these health tips to follow during periods. Follow it to prevent problems during periods. Have happy, health and pain-free period!

Tips to Follow During Menstruation

Do's & Don'ts During Menustration

#1: Eating

What you eat during periods? You must include iron, calcium and protein rich foods during menstruation phase. Make it light and healthy. Avoid oily, spicy and junk foods. Include more fluids to ease menstrual flow. Drink more water and fresh fruit juices. Must have foods during periods are milk, egg, dates, almonds and fruits.

Tip: You must avoid drinking tea or coffee during periods. Also avoid non-vegan foods. Instead drink milk or badam milk.

#2: Heavy Bleeding During Periods

You must stop heavy periods immediately as it will make you weak and tired. Take 2 tsp of cooking sesame oil in the empty stomach in the morning. Drink ginger water or lemongrass tea many times in a day to stop it. Also boil coriander seeds in water and drink it 2-3 times. You must visit gynecologist if heavy bleeding is continuing for next month also.

#3: Less Bleeding During Periods

If blood flow is less during periods, you must eat healthy and do exercises. It helps to increase bleeding and also prevents menstrual cramps. Eat more iron rich foods. Eat sesame seeds cake, jaggery, papaya, pineapple etc. Do some pelvic exercises (butterfly pose) slowly to improve menstrual flow.

#4: Menstrual Cramps

To avoid menstrual cramps, morning eat some fenugreek seeds along with warm water. Take fenugreek with water whenever you feel light pain. Do some simple stretching exercises for 5 minutes in the morning. Massage your abdomen with warm water for few minutes while bathing. You can eat some chocolates, ice creams during periods to cope with cramps. Eating these will help to keep mind out of mood swings.

Tip: During periods mood swings will be there for some women. Take a glass of water, add 2-3 cardamom. Boil well for 5 minutes. Filter and drink it warm. It helps to relax mind and body during periods.

#5: Exercising

Do some pelvic exercises daily. If you do it regularly, you will not get any of the menstrual problems. It will strengthen pelvic muscles, uterus and helps to have happy periods every month. Do some pelvic exercises and yoga during periods just for 10 – 15 minutes. It will help to ease menstrual flow and prevent cramps.

Follow these health tips during periods and have a happy periods!

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