5 Tasty & Different Noodles Recipes for Kids

Do you know how to make different noodles recipes at home? Let’s have look on the tasty noodle recipes especially for kids. These are really delicious and healthy noodles recipes.

Healthy & Yummy Ways to Prepare Noodles


Spicy Noodles Cutlet or Tikki

It is a spicy mouth-watering recipe with noodles. Smash boiled potatoes, green peas and add with boiled noodles. Add vegetables of your choice (green peas, sweet corn). Add required black salt, chat masala, chilli powder, coriander powder or garam masala. Instead of these powders, you can also chat masala and noodle taste-maker powder. Add coriander, mint leaves with these and mix well. Take a ball-sized mixture and roll over bread crumbs. Deep fry till you get golden brown cutlet. Enjoy with delicious mint chutney.

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Cheesy Sweet Corn Noodles

It is delicious recipe that everyone loves. It is very simple and easy to prepare in few minutes. Boil ½ cup of sweet corn. In a pan, add 2 tsp of cheese or butter and sauté sweet corn for few minutes. Prepare noodles as you prepare regularly. Add sweet corn and mix well. Finally, grate little cheese over noodles and serve.

Noodles Sandwich


Prepare noodles adding vegetables as usual. Take 2 bread slices and toast it on tawa adding butter or cheese. Stuff prepared noodles on a bread. Place the other bread over it like sandwich. This is a best evening snack for kids & they will love it. You can use brown-bread & more vegetables to make noodles healthy.

Egg or Chicken Noodles

Egg or chicken noodles are every kid’s favorite restaurant recipe. You can simply make delicious noodles at home. For egg noodles, add egg while cooking noodles and stir continuously. Cook for few minutes and enjoy. For chicken noodles, add finely chopped chicken while cooking noodles and cook for few minutes. While serving, add little cheese or butter on the top and add little chat masala.

Noodles Omelet


Prepare noodles as you do usually. Finely chop onions, tomato, capsicum, green chili and it into a bowl. Add 2 eggs and add little masala (chilli powder or chat masala). Add little prepared noodles. Mix well and pour it on a tawa like omelet. You can also prepare Veg noodles omelet adding vegetables like sweet corn, carrots etc.

Noodles Roll or Wraps

Prepare noodles adding your favorite vegetables. Prepare hot roti or chapati. Apply little butter on a roti. Put little noodles on it and roll it. Make a noodle wraps or roll. It is a great lunch box recipe for kids. You can keep 2-3 rolls in box. You kid will not never bring back lunch box with the food.

These are tasty and healthy noodles recipes that everyone loves to cook and enjoy!

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