5 Tips to Start a Play School (Kinder Garten)

Many in India now have an idea of starting a play school as it becomes a successful business in recent times. Running your own play school as a business will be fun-filled as well as fund-filled one. It is so easy to start to playschool by doing some ground work. All you need to do is, know some practical tips to start play school. It will guide you to kick-start your idea.

Play school is a first step of tiny tots’ education. So, it very important to give them a good learning experience to move forward towards their future education. Here’s a guide for starting a play school business successfully.

Play School Franchise

Franchise play school concept gains more attention as it is quite easier than to start our own. As like two sides of a coin, it has both advantages and disadvantages. If you see it as a more advantaged one, then you go with a franchiser. There are many famous play school franchise running successfully. Choose the best play school franchise, contact them. They will guide and give full support in all means including funding through bank loans. So, get start your dream play school with a franchiser!

Independent Play School

This concept looks more independent, as you can frame your own rules, decide and implement your own idea in bringing up kids’ education, discipline and behavior. This idea gives more freedom to design curriculum and culture of your playschool.

Registration & License

It is a very first and ground step in starting a play school. State Government enacted a law under ‘Private School Education Acts’. Get all the relevant approvals, registrations and licenses.

Smart Tips to a Start Play School Business

Tip #1: Naming

First and important step in starting a play school is, choosing an attractive and distinct name. Don’t be too professional; choose the name from children point of view. Also, have an idea in mind its all about kids. ‘Little Genius, Little Champs’ kind of names looks good.

Tip #2: Location and Infra

Tips to Start Pre School Business

Setting up a play school in your own space is good. If not, spend some quality time to look for a spacious location to set up a play school. Infrastructure should be given more care as it a place for growing children. Make the infra with adequate facilities like good drinking water, good ventilated air, clean toilets etc.

  • Interiors

Do wise investment on educational based equipments, toys, educational aids. Purchase new, updated educational kits for children on monthly basis to give them good quality and boredom-free education. Use lead-free and odor-free paints to design interiors. If can’t spend for interior designers, you can simply stick some kids-attractive wall posters and make the interiors filled with it. Make it very colourful.

  • Exteriors

As much as effort you put in for interiors, same effort requires for exteriors too. Exterior of your play school bring so much enthusiasm in kids. Your exterior of the play school should invite kids with smiling face. So, make it that way.

Tip #3: Culture and Curriculum

Quality of your education will speak more about your school. The Government of India has mandatory curriculum for pre-schools. Along with it frame your own curriculum and culture for your school.

Tip #4: Staffing

You will have to recruit teachers based on the numbers of the kids you enroll in your school. Initially hire a trained Montessori teacher or nursery teacher. And, a ayah (housekeeping maid) to clean kids and to keep the school hygienic.

Tip #5: Promotion

Once all your basic things are planned, you should think on promotion. Advertise through banners, no car parking boards, newspaper ads, internet and through many ways. Plan for baby contests targeting kids of age group 2-5. Conduct summer camps and other contests to bring in kids. It will be best promotion to know about your play school in the area. Also, it will get in many kids and referrals.

I hope these practical tips to start play school would have given wide idea about the playschool business! Kick-start it successfully!

Useful Tip: Visit all play schools in your area/ locality. Look for the infra, ask the curriculum, fees structure and other details. This will give you a good idea to set your play school in a much better.

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