Acne Cure Home Remedies that Really Works!

Pimples have become a common skin problem of many. Before trying some acne products, we usually do some home remedies to get rid of pimples. Before you try home tips, must know do’s & don’ts in pimple care home treatments. Doing home remedies wrongly can worsen pimples. Here are some useful home tips to cure pimples!

Proven Home Treatments for Pimples – Do’s & Don’ts

You do not need expensive parlor treatments to stop pimples. Simple home ingredients work to cure pimples permanently. Let’s now know effective home remedies for pimples that really works.


Never Overuse Lemon

There’s no doubt, lemon is the best skincare ingredient. But using it rightly is very important as it in high in acidic content. Natural citric acid present in lemon makes skin bright, glowing, removes pimples, dark spots and does many more to get beautiful skin. But using lemon excessively on skin can cause side effects. You must always use lemon juice for skin by diluting with water or adding in any other ingredients. Raw lemon juice is not advisable for skin. It may lead to dry and damaged skin.

Use Baking Soda in Limit

We all know that using baking soda helps to get rid of pimples overnight. But using it excessively can damage skin and cause irritation. You must use only a pinch of baking soda. Mix it with water or lemon juice. Apply on pimple spots and leave it for a while. After it gets dry, wash your face with mild warm water. This is a instant home remedy for pimples. Doing this will cure pimples in a day and it will also prevent pimple scars & marks.

Use Right Honey

Using honey to cure pimples is an ancient home remedy. It is an best tip to stop pimples and get glowing skin. Using right honey for pimples is really important. Not all honey is beneficial for skin. Manuka honey is an original honey rich in medicinal properties and useful for skin. Mix 1 tsp of manuka honey to pinch of cinnamon powder. Apply on pimple spots and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water. Use clean cotton towel and wipe face gently. You can try this natural home remedy to cure pimples faster.

Essential Oils Works!

Many want to know how to stop pimples permanently? One the effective way to prevent and stop acne is using essential oils. They are rich in anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-fungal properties that treat pimples rightly. It also helps to prevent pimples further and maintains good skin health. Best essential oils for acne pimple problems are tea tree oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil and lavender oil. Take 2-3 drops of essential oil and mix few drops of water. Apply it all over using cotton and leave it to dry. Try this daily before you go for bath. It is a natural home treatment to cure & stop pimples permanently.

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