How to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes: Steps

Certain eyeshadow color options for blue eyes will enhance eyes beauty. Ladies with ‘baby-blue eyes’ are able to apply wide range of colors to compliment their eye color. Eye makeup is very essential to make eyes stand out vibrantly. Eye shadow is a powerful makeup tool to get stunning eye look. As like applying kajal, lipstick, using eye shadow is also easy if you learn it in a right way. Now let’s see how to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes in 6 easy steps.

6 Steps to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

An essential product to do eye shadow is, eye shadow palette. Wide range of eye shadow colors are available in beauty stores at all price ranges. Choose a eye shadow palette that suits your eye color.

People with blue eyes can apply tangy, metallic, dark to light blue shades and all shimmery shades.

Step 1: Cleanse your eyes completely before applying shades. Wipe off your eyes with cotton and start to apply. Apply concealer to fade away dark circles and dark spots around eyes. Complete your face makeup steps and start to apply eyeshadow.

Step 2: Gather all eye make-up tools. Required tools to do eye makeup are application brush, blending brush and an eye shadow palette of your choice.

Steps to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes Brown Hair

Step 3: Select the color which you want to apply. First use eye shadow pencil and make gentle strokes. Choose the shade which you want to apply. Dip the application brush into your desired shade. Swipe the brush gently above eyes. Apply a thick shade line over eyelid as like you do for applying kajal.

Step 4: Apply at the corner of your eyes too. Slightly extend beyond eye lids at the edges of eyes to highlight more. Pick any other light shade of the same color. If you choose dark or deep blue initially, then pick light shade of blue for the second coat. Reapply softly all over eyelid.

Step 5: Take your blending brush and any shimmery color shades like gold, copper or peach. Retouch your eye lids with it.  Blend the eye shades neatly. Continue to do to get a well-finished eye makeup. A little shimmery touch at last gives light-reflecting look to your eyes.

Step 6: To highlight your eyes, apply eye liner or kajal below on your lower eye-lid. Apply a layer of mascara on your eye lashes. Also, to add more compliment, make neat makeup to your face and lips as well.

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