Apply this Tonight & Grow New Hairs Morning!

Looking for fast hair growth remedy? Here’s is an amazing natural hair mask that helps for overnight hair growth. This hair mask is very simple & easy to prepare. Applying this on scalp will stimulate new hairs to grow faster. Let’s quickly see more on this overnight hair treatment.

Best Overnight Hair Growth Mask

New hairs growth mask home remedy


Applying this hair mask has many benefits to your hair. It stops hair fall or hair loss instantly. It boost hair follicles to start growing new hairs naturally.

Ingredients you need

•  Organic aloe vera gel

Aloe gel is an excellent hair growth stimulator. It contains special ingredient called ‘proteolytic enzymes’. These enzymes helps to repair scalp, renew hair cells and induce hair growth.

•  Unrefined or organic castor oil

Castor oil is an amazing hair growth boosting oil. Rich fatty acids (omega 6 & 9), minerals, vitamin E present in it helps for new hair growth. It also helps to grow thick & long hair.

•  Essential oil – few drops

Steps to Prepare Hair Growth Mask

•   Take 1 tsp of aloe gel in a clean bowl
•   Add 1 tsp of pure castor oil to it
•   Add few drops of your favourite essential oil
•   Mix well until to get serum like consistency
•   Overnight hair growth serum is ready!

How to Apply this Hair Mask?

Before you apply this natural hair serum, massage your scalp well for few minutes.

•   Section your hair and apply the hair mask on scalp.
•   Apply it all over scalp area.
•   Massage your scalp for 3-5 minutes with comb or hand.
•   Take a thick bath towel.
•   Dip it in hot water.
•   Wrap your hair up with a warm towel.
•   Repeat it for 2-3 times.

This warm hair wrap process helps for new hair growth. Follow these steps in this overnight hair treatment. Wash your hair in the morning using mild shampoo. You’ll start to notice new hairs growing. Follow this hair growth remedy twice or thrice a week. Within 4-5 weeks, you will see visible hair growth results.

Note: People who are suffering from sinus, asthma, chronic headache should avoid this remedy as it may lead to health troubles.

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