Never Put this on your Face Ever! Dermatologists Warns!

Skin experts are really concerned about many skin disorders arising in people. Dermatologists strictly warns us for using some weird beauty hacks on face and damaging it. Here’s a a piece of advice from skin experts. Just take a keen look!

#1: Baking Soda

We are seeing tons of ‘home remedies of baking soda for skin’. Dermatologists strictly says that if you are using baking soda on face then you will be with severe skin problems later. High pH value of baking soda can instantly whiten & brighten skin. But it will damage skin layer and makes skin so sensitive later. So, never use this bleaching agent baking soda on your face ever in your life.

#2: Lemon

Many people rub squeezed lemon on face. Skin doctors say that lemon contains high acidic content which can cause skin damage. We all know that lemon juice has excellent skin lightening property. But we have to use it wisely when it comes to skin care. Using lemon on face can irritate skin and cause sensitive skin.

However, you can add little amount of lemon juice in your homemade face packs to get its benefits on skin.

#3: Sugar & Salt

Sugar and salt maybe a good exfoliating scrub. But using salt sugar scrub on face is a biggest mistake you do. Rubbing this highly thick coarse salt sugar scrub on face will leave pits on face. It will also make your face dry, sensitive and cause skin damage.

But you can use this sugar salt scrubs for your neck, hands, legs as well as other parts of your body, but not your face.

#4: Hot Water

Water is an essential element for our body & skin. We all know drinking hot water is a very good medicine for all problems. But skin specialists say using hot water on skin & hair is not advisable. Using hot water will make skin & hair dry and patchy.

Remember that always use lukewarm water or cool water as it is good for skin as well for our hair.

#5: Petroleum Jelly

We keep on hearing that applying petroleum jelly on face can make your skin look younger, removes wrinkles etc. Is that true? It can moisturize your skin & make it look young instantly. But on long run it actually spoils your skin cells & layers severely. Harsh petroleum bi-products present in it damages skin deeply. Skin experts advises us to stop using vaseline jelly on face.

Instead use good herbal night creams! That can really make your skin look younger without aging.

#6: Tooth Paste

Dermatologist strictly warns us for using tooth paste on our face skin especially on pimples. Toothpaste has many chemical susbtances that can actually increase melanin production and form brown spots as well as skin discoloration in the parts applied. Toothpaste can also irritate and damage the skin layer. So, never use tooth paste to dry acne.

The best solution is to apply a drop of tea tree oil on acne to cure it without getting marks. It will not harm the skin at any case.

#7: Vegetable Butter

Butter is a very good ingredient to moisturize dry skin. But, it has other side too! It can cause some negative side effects. So, avoid using any form of raw unpasteurized & salted butter on face. Salt or fatty acids present in butter bcan block your skin pores and can cause severe acne or pimple problems. This is one of the reason for acne problem in people with dry skin.

Use buttery based nourishing skin cream packed with good skin care ingredients!

#8: Vitamin E

Skin experts say that vitamin E is excellent for our skin & hair. However, you must not use pure Vitamin E available from capsules. Avoid using Vitamin E oil directly on your face or skin. It can block your skin pores and cause acne or pimple breakouts. They can also cause redness, burning sensation when applied raw vitamin E on skin.

You can use any Vitamin E cream or lotions or any other cosmetic products infused with other skin care ingredients.

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