Best Tips to Get Pink Glowing Cheeks in 5 Mins

Every girl loves to have “baby-pinkish cheeks“! Isn’t? Here we have some easy tried & tested tips to get rosy pinky glowy cheeks in just 5 mins! Take a quick look.

Step #1: Use this Rose Scrub

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Take a sufficient amount of rose face scrub. Gently scrub all over face especially on your cheeks. Massage for 2-3 minutes. It helps good pink glow on your cheeks instantly. Also, this scrub makes your skin soft & smooth!

Step #2: Apply Beetroot Juice

Take some fresh beetroot juice. Use a cotton bud and dip it into the beetroot juice. Apply the beetroot juice on cheeks using the cotton bud.

Step #3: Smudge Over

Simply smudge all over cheeks & get pinkish cheeks instantly. It naturally gives glowing cheeks without applying make-up.

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