Can I Regrow New Hairs from Hair Transplant?

How can I grow hair in my bald head spot? Yes its possible to regrow hair with hair transplantation in the bald area. Hair transplant is a treatment where hairs from back area of head are transplanted to the bald area. This procedure is done by expert hair transplant surgeon. You will get fine and natural looking hairs. If you don’t have hairs at the back area of head, then hairs will also by transplanted from beard, chest area. Let’s see some useful tips & more about hair transplantation.

Tips to Know Before Hair Transplantation

How do I Choose the Best Hair Transplantation Centre?

Before you think of hair transplantation, you must know how to choose best hair transplantation center in your place. Find some of the hair transplantation centres. You can also google it and find the right centre. Contact them over phone and enquire the details. Finally visit the centre, do a consultation and know more about the procedure.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Costly?

The cost of the procedure starts from Rs. 50, 000 based on clinic and its location. Do not go for centres where they do the treatment for very low cost. Check the procedure, other hidden costs and choose the best hair transplantation centre.

Is Hair Transplantation Treatment Painful?

Hair transplantation is not a painful treatment. However, local anesthesia will be given during the hair transplantation treatment.

Is Hair Transplantation is Permanent?

Hair transplantation centres guarantee you that this procedure is 95% permanent. However, they will be minimal hair loss or hair thinning after the procedure. In case if you have hair loss after the procedure, consult the centre. They will provide some medications to stop hair loss or hair thinning.

Will There Be Any Scars on Head?

Hair transplantation procedure will not leave any scars on your head.

We hope these information on hair transplantation will give you good confidence to take it to the next level. Get back your hair & confidence!

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