Concealer Mistakes to Avoid: Tips to Use

Makeup is a magical art. You cannot make it perfect without trials & tips. Concealer is one of the most important beauty products for eye makeup. It ultimately helps to fade away darkness and other blemishes around eye area. It also brightens and highlights eye makeup. Here are common concealer mistakes you do. Also useful tips to use concealer perfectly.

#1: Choosing Wrong Shade: This is the most common concealer mistake that most people make. Many picks light shade concealer which doesn’t suit for dark skin. Choosing wrong shade of concealer will mess up your eye makeup rather than highlighting.

Tip: You have you choose concealer that matches to your skin tone. Pick a concealer palette, check which shade matches to you skin and use it.

#2: Applying Wrongly: You might have confusion in the order of applying of concealer. Some will apply concealer in the wrong order which may spoil their eye makeup.

Tip: Concealer is to just hide darky and dusky area around eyes. So, apply concealer after applying foundation.

Tips to Apply Concealer without Mistakes

#3: Improper Blend: You would have simply applied concealer and move to next steps in eye makeup. It may look fine for that moment. But it will give un-even skin tone look as you haven’t blend it well.

Tip: As like you blend foundation after applying, do it after applying concealer too. Apply concealer and use blending brush to blend the eye area well. It will give neat and nice eye-look.

#4: Applying too much concealer: Many people make this mistake while applying concealer especially who have dark skin tone and dark circles. Using concealer too much will completely pulls down your eye makeup.

Tip: Just take little concealer on your fingertip and dab all around eye area. After applying, wait for few seconds. Use blender sponge to remove the excess concealer.

#5: Caking Under-eye area: Many people will think caking up concealer will hide darkish area, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s true but you have apply it with simple tricks. Else, it gives white cake-like look under your eyes.

Tip: Apply little moisturizer all around eyes before using concealer. It will help to prevent caking under-eye area. It will also highlight your eye makeup. Apply peach tinted concealer powder for fair skin and orange tinted concealer powder for dark skin.

So, next time make your eye makeup perfect! Learn from these concealer mistakes to avoid. Also follow these tips to use concealer rightly.

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