Dunking Face in Ice Water! Korean Beauty Trend!

Heres a new Korean beauty trend thats going hot rounds in the social media. This beauty technique is called JAMSU. Let’s see what happens if you dunk your face in cold ice water. Surprising Korean beauty secrets & benefits just for you!

What’s JAMSU (Face Dunk) Beauty Trend?

JAMSU means submerging or diving. According to Korean beauty experts this method helps to set your makeup look last longer all throughout the day.

How to do ‘Face Dunk’ to stay with makeup longer?

Apply a thick coat of baby powder all over your face. Take a bowl of water. Add few ice cubes in it. Dunk your face in this cold water for just 30 seconds. Do this twice. Ice cold water will wash away all baby powder dust. Pores will get closed and face looks so smooth with even complexion. After doing this face dunk, you can continue to apply rest of your makeup as you usually.

Leave your Dull Tired Face Out!

This JAMSU Face Dunk technique has other surprising benefit! You can instantly glow your face by doing this. Take a bowl of water. Add few ice cubes in it. Squeeze half lemon juice. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil. My favorite essential oil for face is lavender or lemongrass oil. They are so refreshing & rejuvenating!

Dunk your face in this water for 20-30 seconds. You can do this for twice. Try it once weekly.

This cold water face dunking beauty hack is really useful to fix large open pores on skin. Makes skin

Try it! Its really so worth without spending more money on beauty products. Visit us for more trending beauty updates!

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