Eat these Top Healthiest Veggies for Weight Loss

Want to lose weight easily & in a healthy way? Dailytipsonline has picked 4 healthiest vegetables that help for weight loss. They has excellent fat burning ability. It pushes away all the fats stored in the body. Also, it strengthens body by giving essential nutrients. Let’s see the list of best fat burning veggies!

Best Vegetables for Fat & Weight Loss



Cucumber is a body-cooling vegetable. It contains rich minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and 95% water content. It also contains very few calories. Eating cucumber helps to burn fats stored in the body easily. So, add one cucumber in daily diet for a month to see visible weight loss results. You can also eat different cucumber juice recipes, cucumber salads etc. It helps you follow it you can be fit and healthy too.

Must Know: How to Use Cucumber for Weight Loss

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is also commonly known as lauki. It has more benefits for weight loss. It is rich in fiber and water content where both nutrients are useful to lose weight. It helps to stop overeating and over-hungriness. As it is rich in water content it helps to keep body cooling and healthy. You can drink bottle gourd juice every morning to lose weight. Try other recipes with bottle gourd to achieve quick weight loss results.


High fiber and beta-carotene in carrot is an effective vegetable to burn fats & lose weight fast. It strengthens immune system and helps for fat burning process in the body. So, make a habit of eating fresh raw carrots or carrot juice or carrot smoothie daily. Avoid adding white sugar while making carrot juice or smoothie. Try making apple carrot juice without sugar. It tastes good and helps for healthy weight loss.


Eating cabbage for weight loss can give amazing results. It is an excellent fat burner. It is low in calories. Prepare a delicious cabbage soup thrice in a week. Include other veggies like carrots, sweet corn etc. You can try cabbage juice to lose weight easily. Look for some healthy recipes with cabbage & carrot. Add in it your daily diet atleast thrice a week.

Make sure your daily diet contain these vegetables. Lose weight naturally, healthily & stay fit.

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