Experts Diet Plan to Stop Hair Fall & Loss

Realizing your excessive hair fall worries, dailytipsonline has bought you experts’ diet plan to stop hair fall & loss. Along with hair packs, masks and spa treatments you also need to follow healthy diet for hair. Lack of nutrients can cause severe hair fall and hair loss problems. So, to stop hair thinning try this expert recommended diet plan. It helps to stop hair fall and hair loss immediately in a month.

Best Nutrients for Hair Fall & Loss

Foods to Eat to Stop Hair Fall Problems

#1: Healthy Fats for Healthy Hair

Make sure you eat only healthy fats from foods. You hair needs rich omega 3 fats to grow healthy hair. Lack of good fats in daily diet can cause weak and damaged hair. So, eating healthy fats feeds your hair scalp with natural oils. It will nourish hair follicles and also adds shininess to hair. Add these omega-3 fats foods to your diet plan to stop hair fall & loss.

Food sources: Fish, flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, spinach, eggs etc.

#2: Protein Power to Get Strong Hair

Do you know? Your hair is made of natural proteins. Lack of protein in diet damages hair health completely. Add rich proteins to your daily diet plan to stop hair fall. Eating protein-rich foods helps to regrow hair naturally. Include protein food sources to power your hair.

Food Sources: Dals, eggs, soybean, curd, milk, almonds, spinach, cucumbers etc.

#3: Best Vitamins to Vitalize your Hair

Vitamin C & E are very essential vitamins for hair health. Vitamin C helps to secrete natural protein in the body. Vitamin E protects hair and scalp health from damages. So, include vitamins rich food sources in your daily diet plan to stop hair fall & loss.

Food Sources: Lemons, oranges, guava, almonds, gooseberries, pineapple, papaya etc.

#4: Zinc Mineral to Make Hair Healthy

Some rich mineral sources like zinc are needed for hair to renew scalp and hair cells. It helps to prevent hair breakage, dryness, damages, split ends and hair thinning. So, include zinc rich foods in your daily diet plan to stop hair fall & loss. Here are some excellent zinc food sources.

Food Sources: Brown rice, carrots, prawns, dark chocolates, chicken, curd etc.

#5: Iron to Strengthen Hair

Everyone knows importance of iron for our body. Iron nutrient helps to strengthen hairs naturally. Low hemoglobin cause severe hair fall & loss. So, you need sufficient iron rich foods to stop hair fall worries.

Food Sources: Figs, dates, honey, beetroot, spinach, almonds, pumpkin seeds etc.

#6: Copper & Biotin for Shiny Hair

Want soft, silky and shiny hair naturally? Then your body needs copper and biotin nutrients. Copper nutrient gives color and shine to your hair. Biotin helps to grow hair healthy and shiny.

Food Sources: Mushrooms, sesame seeds, peanuts, egg white, multi-grains, almonds, wheat bread etc.

#7: Water for Perfect Healthy Hair

All of our know every single cell in our body needs water. So, to get healthy hair, drink more water.

Food Options: Include coconut water, vegetable juices, fruit juices, soups, herbal tea, lemon water etc.

Add these nutrients to your daily diet to stop hair fall & loss immediately!

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