My Eyes are Going Inside, What to Do: Tips

Many people complain about in recent times is, my eyes are going inside, what to do? It is a health as well as a beauty concern of many. When eyes go deep inside, it gives tired and aged look. It spoils your face beauty. This also indicates some problem in your eyes. So, ensure the reason why your eyes are going inside. This condition is medically termed as ‘sunken eyes’. Let’s now discuss the actual reasons and remedies why eyes are going deep inside.

Why Eyes go Deep Inside – Reasons & Remedies

People who say ‘my eyes gone inside’ have been doing some wrong habits routinely for long time. It is not a sudden change, it has happened gradually. So, find the right reason for your problem and follow the remedy. It will gradually disappear sunken eyes. It also helps to bring eyes normal .

  • Over-stressed?

If you are experiencing too much stress, depression or tensions then it may be noticed in your eyes.

Remedy:  De-stress yourself with music, meditation, exercising or in any other good ways.

  • Over-masturbating?

If you are masturbating too many times often, it can reflect in your eyes. One of the side-effects of over-masturbation is sunken eyes.

Remedy:  If you control your masturbation addition for a while, you will feel big difference in your eyes. Reducing the habit for long time helps to get back to original eye shape.

Why my eyes are going inside face deeply

  • Eating Healthy?

Your poor food habits may have caused your eyes to go inside face. If you are staying far away from healthy foods in your daily life, then you will encounter the problem of sunken eyes. Also, eating more junks and restaurant foods will cause this problem.

Remedy: Start including leafy greens, carrots and fiber-rich foods in daily diet to get rid of eyes going inside.

  • Sleeping Enough?

Lack of proper sleep for long period of time can make eyes go deep inside. It will also develop dark circles, fine lines around eyes. If you have the habit of watching mobile phones at night in dark room until you sleep, then you will have this problem for sure. Stop these habits and have a good sleep at night. It will help you to bring out your eyes.

  • Drinking Enough Water?

Medically it is proved that dehydration can cause eyes go inside face gradually. If you are not properly hydrated it will symptom in your eyes. Drinking too much alcohol, carbonated drinks can also cause this problem.

Remedy:  Limit your alcohol and carbonated drinks intake. Drink plenty of water everyday. Sip soups, fruit juices daily. Include healthy hydrating foods in your daily diet.

  • Lack of Eye Care?

Over exposure to sun, lack of eye care might have got you the problem. You must keep eyes clean, hydrated routinely to get rid of the problem.

Remedy: Wear UV protected sun glasses when exposing to sun. Rest your eyes with cucumber or potato slices once a week. You can also place cold used-green tea bags over eyes to soothe eyes. Use Vitamin E under-eye creams.

If none of the above reasons have caused you the problem, consult a ophthalmologist and take medical advice.

Treatments to get Back Eyes to Original Shape

If you look for natural treatment to bring out deep set eyes, following the above remedies for long time will give effective results. Some eye-makeup tricks can also help you to get prominent ‘stand-out’ eye look temporarily.

Looking for sudden change? Then, scientific treatments such as under eye fillers, injections, lasers are available. You can visit to an ophthalmologist for these medical treatments.

If you more to ask us, please do share your comments and queries below. We are happy to answer!

13 Replies to “My Eyes are Going Inside, What to Do: Tips”

  1. Amit lakra says:

    My eyes have gone inside because of my masturbation but now i have stopped. I want to get back my eyes to normal position, can you help me with natural treatment and home remedies.

    1. Vasou says:

      Definitely you can get back your eyes to a normal appearance if you stop mastrubating. The frequency of mastrubating must be twice or maximum thrice a month and NOT more than that. Stop mastrubating frequently and eat protein rich foods for a couple of week. You will get your normalcy..

  2. Monty says:

    Even my eyes r going in side I need them back normal

    I will not use phone from now onwards in night

  3. Monu gupta says:

    My. Eyes goes deep in face becoz I do over mastubation my age is only 21 also my start hair fall and weakness have any solution pls give me for my eyes and hair

  4. my eyes have gone deep inside what should i do

  5. Kumar saroj says:

    Can I get it back as naturally eye please give me solutions Dr. Sir

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hiii I have also same problem. Can you please guide us to get back original shape

  7. sandeep says:

    Sir meri eyes andar ko hai why any reasion es ka koi solution hai

  8. vickey kartoos says:

    I also get my eyes deeply inside plesase give me ideas so i can also get my eyes back to the original shape

  9. male says:

    my eye’s goes deep inside please suggest me some tips and medical treatment

  10. Shivayy says:

    Because of masturbating my eyes are going inside, can I get back to normal, by stopping . please answer me

  11. Kavya says:

    Even my eyes are going deep inside. Every year I can find that can I get rid of it.

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