Eyeshadow Ideas for Blue Eyes: Makeup Tips

Eyeshadow ideas for blue eyes are plenty as it compliments more colors from eyeshadow palette. While choosing eyeshadows, you must consider your skin tone, hair as well your dress color. Keeping all these in mind, pick right eyeshadow color to brighten your eyes. Eyeshadow is not just a color-shade. It matters a lot for your perfect eye make-up. Here are some makeup tips to choose best eyeshadow options for blue eyes. Make your blue eyes more prettier in classy eye-shades.

Eyeshadow Color Options for Blue Eyes

Many people suggest shimmery smoky eye shade for blue eyes. Here are fashion experts’ eyeshadow ideas for blue eyes, just beyond smoky eyes. Let’s have a look.

  1. Tangy Shades for Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes think ‘tangy’ color eyeshadow will never suit their eyes. What make-up experts suggest is, orange-based color shades are the best options for blue eyes. Making contrast color option of orange hue shadow for blue eyes will enhance eyes more beautifully. You need not to wear orange color dress to apply orange shades. The orange color based eyeshadow options includes the following hues. Just try them to have mesmerizing blue eyes.

  • Orange
  • Copper
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Bronze
  • Rust
  1. Cool Shades for Blue Eyes

Eyeshadow Options for Blue Eyes: Makeup Tips

Blue eyes naturally look cool. Applying some cool eye shades will make it vibrant and super-cool. It is a best eye-shadow option for blue eyes to wear it in the evenings. Some cool color shades includes,

  • Light to Dark Blue
  • Light Pink
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Turquoise
  1. Metallic Shades for Blue Eyes

Metallic shades will intensify your blue eyes’ beauty at night. It is the best eye shadow for blue eyes These metallic shades will reflect glossy look especially at night times. You can apply any of these metallic eyeshades to makeup your eyes excellently for night parties. Also, you can apply  any of these shimmery shades at last to get glossy eye look. It suits best for gold dress and for fair skin.

  • Metallic copper
  • Metallic gold
  • Shimmering white
  • Burgundy
  • Metallic coral
  • Metallic peach

Try these eye color shade options to your blue-toned eyes to make it radiant. Make use of these experts’ eyeshadows ideas for blue eyes.

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