Best Flower Face Packs to Get Fair Glowing Skin

Try these flowers for skin lightening and whitening at home. Certain flowers are useful to brighten skin naturally. Some natural ingredients in the flowers give soft, smooth and fair skin. It also improves skin complexion, removes acne marks and dark spots. These flowers are freshly and easily available in market. Let’s make best face packs with flowers and get fair glowing skin at home.

Homemade Face Packs for Skin Lightening

Homemade masks with flowers for fair skin, skin lightening

Must Know: Important Steps to do in Home Face Packs

#1: Marigold Flowers

You can use marigold flower for skin and hair care too. You will easily find marigold flowers in the market. It is also cheap and comes in two colors light yellow and light orange. Remove the marigold flower petals and soak in hot milk for an hour. Grind it well to make smooth paste. Add little essential oil or vitamin E oil. Apply this marigold face mask on face and neck. Try this for a week. Get healthy and fair glowing skin.

#2: Rose Flowers

Want to have pinkish, soft and smooth skin like rose petals? Then try this rose flower face pack to get flawless fair skin. Rose petals help to beautify skin tone, complexion and gives silky soft skin. Soak rose petals in hot milk. Leave it for 30 minutes. Smash rose petals in milk and make a paste. Apply and massage for few minutes. Try this once a week to get the skin that everyone loves.

#3: Cassia Flowers

You might have seen this flower but not familiar with its English name ‘Cassia’. In Tamil & Malayalam, its known as Avaram poo. In Telugu, its Tamgedu and in Hindi Tarwar. Cassia flower has so many health and beauty benefits. Cassia flower face pack is very useful to get young and youthful skin even in 60s. You can use fresh cassia flowers if you get it. Else, prepare powder with dried cassia flowers by adding green gram. If you use this cassia powder for face wash, you can prevent aging skin problems.

#4: Hibiscus Flowers

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Everyone knows hibiscus flowers have many medicinal uses. It is also useful to get beautiful skin and hair. Using hibiscus flowers for skin lightning treatment gives good benefits. Collect few fresh hibiscus petals in a bowl. Add 2 tsp of Vitamin E to it. Leave it for a day. Next day, mix petals and oil well to make a paste. Apply this on face and neck. Massage for few minutes and wash after 20 minutes. It instantly makes face fresh and beautiful.

#5: Lotus Flower

Do you know? Lotus petals are used in many skin care creams. Linoleic acid and rare minerals in it is very useful for skin care. Lotus flower face packs are suitable for all skin types. Boil lotus petals in water for few minutes. Use this water to face packs. It will nourish skin and fix beauty problems like acne, dull dry skin etc.

#6: Jasmine Flowers

Sweet smelly flower jasmine can make wonders for your skin care. It helps to boost skin tone and radiance naturally. Jasmine face pack is mostly suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin. Boil jasmine flower petals in water for 10 -15 minutes. Let’s the water cool down. Mix this water with multani mitti and apply as a face pack. It gives instant fair and radiant skin.

Try these flowers face packs to get fair glowing skin naturally. Use these flowers when it is cheaply available in every season. Please share your queries and comments in the below box.

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