Granny’s Tips to Lose Weight: No Diet & Exercise

Many are struggling to lose weight with hard diet and exercises. Some people tries different risky methods for fast weight loss and end up with complications. Before you follow any home remedies to lose weight, read these grandmother’s tips to lose weight without diet & exercise easily. If you follow these simple tips daily, you can lose weight naturally faster. You can also stay fit and healthy. Let’s see what granny’s says for weight loss.

Olden Day Tips for Easy Weight Loss

Granny’s Remedies to Lose Weight without Diet & Exercise

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Hot Water & Lemon

After you get up in the morning, you must do some simple stretching exercises for 15 minutes. Mix half lemon in a glass of hot water. Add 1 tsp of honey and drink it warm. It is a easy method to lose weight without diet and exercise. It is a best energy tonic to boost body metabolism and to be keep healthy.

Curry Leaves

Eating curry leaves for weight loss is a powerful ancient remedy. Eat a handful of fresh curry leaves in empty stomach in the morning. Eat this after half an hour of drinking lemon water in the morning. Eating curry leaves boost body metabolism, burn extra calories, fats. It helps to reduce weight easily.

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Pepper Powder

Pepper is a popular Indian spice which is used in most curry recipes since ancient times. But now we have completely forget pepper and not using it. Pepper helps for fast weight loss too. Add 1 small tsp of pepper powder in a glass of hot water. Add little lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey. Mix well and drink it in the morning. It is a instant fat burning drink that helps fast weight loss. You must also add pepper powder in other foods too.


Tomato is a best food to lose weight and to stay healthy. If you eat one ripe tomato daily before morning food, you can feel big changes in your weight in a month. It helps to reduce weight by burning fats easily. It is also useful to maintain healthy skin, hair & keeps heart problems away. Cut one tomato, sprinkle pepper powder, squeeze lemon juice and eat it. It is a excellent food for fast weight loss.


Granny says eating 2 -3 raw garlic cloves everyday in the morning time helps to lose weight easily. It boosts body metabolism and also removes excess fats stored in the body. It will improve blood circulation and prevents over-hungriness habit. You should also include more garlic in your daily diet to reduce weight easily. You can prepare ginger garlic paste and use it in curries while preparing.

Follow these granny’s tips for weight loss daily, lose weight faster & safer!

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