Handy Products for Bachelors to Be Healthy

Latest technology has given many smart & handy products to lead healthy lifestyle. Especially hostlers, bachelors can make best use of these products. You can eat tasty and healthy foods. Shop some smart electric cooking products. Prepare delicious & nutritious foods, eat and live healthier. Let’s see some of the products now.

Smart & Compact Cooking Products

Electric Kettle

Handy Products for Bachelors for Healthy Life

Electric kettle or boiler is a useful kitchen product for hostellers and bachelors. You can make hot water, green tea, boil milk, prepare tea, coffee, soups, noodles, ragi malt drinks in minutes. It looks compact and useful for daily purposes to have a good cup of tea or coffee. If you want to boil milk, choose stainless steel electric kettle with high litre capacity.

Price: Electric kettle is available from starting price of Rs. 450 to 3500.

Induction Stove


Induction cook-top is a most convenient kitchen product that is useful for everyone. You can cook anything that you want. Everyone knows about induction stoves; need not to say more about its usage. All you need is induction supporting vessels. Buy a frying pan, milk boil pan and a pressure cooker. You can cook all your foods in these vessels.

Price: Induction stoves are available starting from Rs. 1200 to 5000 price ranges.

Electric Egg Boiler


Egg is one of the healthiest food options for hostellers or bachelors. It is rich in protein and many essential vitamins. So, you can eat 1-2 eggs daily to be healthy. Get an electric egg boiler, it an innovative kitchen product. Put eggs into it, add water and boil eggs easily in few minutes. It boils eggs in steam. You can boil 5-7 eggs at once depending on the product you choose. Boil eggs, cut it in half, spray some pepper powder, share with your friends and enjoy eating.

Price: Electric egg boiler price starts from Rs. 320 to 1900. Choose high quality stainless steel egg boiler.

Sandwich Maker / Toaster


You can make delicious grilled bread sandwich in a minute and finish your breakfast. Put it on the grill plate in sandwich maker. Wait for a minute, get perfect grilled bread toast. Apply a layer of peanut butter or jam or mayonnaise or butter and enjoy it. To make it healthy, get whole-wheat or multi-grain or oats breads. If you have this sandwich maker and bread, you will never miss your morning breakfast.

Price: Starting price of sandwich maker is Rs. 600 and it’s available to Rs. 2600.

Roti Maker


Roti maker is a very useful kitchen product for anyone to make tiffin items in minutes. You can prepare oil-free chapathi, stuffed chapathi, omelette, all dosa varieties, much more items. Just prepare wheat dough in the morning. Put small dough on roti maker plate. Press it and have a soft chapathi in few seconds.

Price: It is available starting from Rs. 700 to 3000.

Smoothie Maker


Everyone loves smoothies, fruit juices as it tastes sweetish. All you need to do is, simply cut fruits and put into the blender. Switch on and wait for few seconds. Pour a natural fruit smoothie or juice in a glass and enjoy it. You can also make vegetable juices like carrot juice, spinach juice etc. It just makes yummy smoothies and juices in seconds. You can prepare apple juices, orange juice, grape juice and any fruit juices.

Price: Starting price of smoothie maker comes around Rs. 1699 and its available upto Rs. 8000. Good, handy smoothie maker is available from Rs. 1700 to 2500.

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