Home Remedy for Diabetes with Mango Leaves

Some herbal home treatments are powerful to control and cure diabetes naturally. Many medicinal plants contain curative properties to maintain blood sugar levels. Neem, bitter gourd, okra (lady’s finger), fenugreek are some of the well known home remedies for diabetes. Now let’s see one best herbal home remedy for diabetes with mango leaves. Mango leaves are very beneficial to control high blood sugar effectively. Read more to know how mango leaves cure diabetes and how to use it!

How can Mango Leaves Cure Diabetes?

Herbal Treatment for Diabetes with Mango Leaves

You must know the link between diabetes and mango leaves. Mango tree leaves are proved to have anti-diabetic agent. It means consuming mango leaves can help to cure diabetes. Mango leaves extract contains hypoglycemic activity which absorbs excess glucose from blood. This helps to keep blood sugar in control and cure diabetes when consuming regularly.

How to Use Mango Leaves for Diabetes?

Mango leaves diabetes treatment is a best home remedy to control blood sugar naturally. Let’s learn how to make mango leaf tea for diabetes. Drinking mango leaves water gives many health benefits to our body.

  • Take some 10 -12 fresh mango leaves and wash well in water.
  • Add these mango leaves in two glasses of water.
  • Boil well for 15 minutes in low flame.
  • Allow it cool and close with a lid and leave it overnight.
  • Filter the water; add little black salt and a pinch of turmeric.
  • Drink it in morning in empty stomach.
  • Continue to drink mango leaves water every morning for 2-3 months.

If fresh mango leaves are not available daily, collect bunches of mango leaves. Wash well and dry them in shade for some days. Grind them well to make powder. You can use mango leaves powder instead of fresh leaves.

Tip: Use tender mango leaves. It has rich medicinal properties and effective to control blood sugar level.

Try this natural home remedy for diabetes with mango leaves!

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