How to Choose Right Sports Bra for your Size?

Every women must exercise regularly to stay fit and in shape. To do any exercise, you need right sports bra to get good comfort. Wearing a right sports bra also matters a lot to keep breasts in shape. Wearing wrong bra for exercising will cause breasts to sag, change its shape and size. It will also cause pain in and around breasts after exercising. So, choose your right sports bra for your body shape. Wear it, exercise with great comfort and flexibility.

Right Sports Bra for your Breast Size


Tip: Choose right sports bra for your body shape that gives fit, full-support and coverage to breasts. Also, choosing bra with ideal cup size is essential. Choose your sports depending on the impact of your daily exercising.

Low Impact Exercises

Yoga, Floor-based exercises, Walking, Pilates, Stretches

If you are the one who is doing simple low impact exercises like mentioned above, then you need cross-strap bra. This is stretchable and covers your breasts & cleavage completely. Padded bra offers more cushion to breast to sit firmly. Also, look for underwire bra if you have big breasts. Choose best cross-strap sports bra depending on your cup size (A,B,C,D).

Medium Impact Exercises

Cycling, boot-camp classes

If your exercises are moderate in intensity, you can go for simple light-weighted sport bras. You can buy sports bra that is cross-strapped and covers breasts fully. Elastic bands should support all around breasts. You can use soft cushioned padded bra for good comfort.

High Impact Exercises

Running, high intensity cardio workouts, kick-boxing, jumping etc

You need special bra while doing these high-impact exercises as your breasts bounce while doing. Choose wide straps underwire bra to support breasts. It must be a good padded sports bra. If you have small breasts, go for thick padded bras. If you have big breasts, then choose lightly padded & thick underwire bra.

It is very important to check the cup size (A,B,C,D) in any bra you choose. A is the small cup size, B has little bigger cup size, C has little more bigger cup size & D has bigger cup size. So, choose your sports bra depending on your cup size. Choose rightly, wear and make your exercising more comfortable & flexible!

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