Hygiene Tips to Follow During Periods

Every girl must know these hygiene tips to follow during periods. Staying hygienic in period days is very important to prevent rashes, vaginal itching, discomfort, vaginal infections etc. Keeping oneself clean & fresh during periods prevents menstrual cramps too. So, follow these hygiene rules during periods & stay problem-free!

Must Know Menstrual Hygiene TipsMust Know Menstrual Hygiene Tips

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Tip #1: Use Right Sanitary Products

There are many sanitary products to use during periods. Sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons etc. Use the one whichever is comfortable to you. If you use sanitary pads, use cottony pads. If you use menstrual cups, pick the right one and know thoroughly about that before using. Avoid using tampons as they are not safe and cause many problems. Use right sanitary products and change it often (every 3-4 hours).

Tip #2: No Hygiene Products

Avoid using any vaginal hygiene products such as vaginal wash, soaps, hand wash etc until your doctor prescribe it for you. Smelly perfumes added in it may cause vaginal itching and infections. Wash those intimate areas well with warm water (adding little rock salt) whenever you change pad. It helps to keep vagina clean and hygienic.

Note: Ensure you wash your hand with anti-septic hand wash every time after changing napkins.

Tip #3: Wipe Front to Back

People who use toilet wipes must follow this hygiene advice. Always wipe from front to back. Because, wiping from back to front will spread bacteria from anus to vagina and cause infections. So, wash your vagina well with water everytime while using wash room. Wipe gently from front to back or simply pat with toilet wipes during periods.

Tip #4: Right Underwear & Clothing

Having separate under-wears especially for period days is advisable. Buy 3-4 cotton and loose-fitted (get one size extra from normal) panties and use them during periods. Change your panty twice a day after washing the intimate areas. Wash your under-wears well, soak in anti-septic liquid for some time & dry. It helps to avoid infections and diseases. Also, wear loose-fitted cotton clothes in dark colors during periods to avoid blood stains.

Tip #5: Bath Rightly

Many have a question on how to bath during periods? Bath twice a day in warm water. Bathing in warm water helps to relieve menstrual cramps & pain. If you have back pain, pour warm water on back for few minutes while bathing. If you bath before sleeping especially during periods, you will feel much better and relaxed. If you feel smelly during periods, squeeze one lemon in warm water and take bath.

Tip: If you feel lazy to bath twice a day, you can bath in a shower of warm water. You can use good aromatic body wash or gel during periods to smell good and relaxed.

Every girl must know these hygiene tips to follow during periods. It helps to keep you away from infections and other troubles.

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