How to Make Green Tea Tastier & Healthier

Struggling to drink bitter green tea daily for health & weight loss benefit? Everyone knows green tea is the best natural drink that has millions of health benefits especially for weight loss. No worries, you can make that green tea as your favorite drink by making it tastier. Here are the best ways to make green tea tastier yet healthier. Read on to know the tasty green tea recipes.

Tasty Green Tea Drink Recipes

How to Make Green Tea Tastier & HealthierMust Know: Lose Weight Fast with ACV Drink

Iced Green Tea

Whether you drink green tea warm or cold, it serves you the same health benefits. So, you can try some chilled green tea recipes. You can try these in summers to quench your thirst in healthy ways. Make a green tea; allow it cool for a while. Store in fridge with closed lid for an hour. Serve energizing iced green tea!

Fruity Twist

You can give some fruity twist to your green tea. It helps to make green tea tastier yet healthy. You can add fruits in green tea to make it taste good. Prepare green tea and add few slices of melons or oranges or apples. You can also cut these fruits and grind in a mixer and add to green tea. It makes green tea taste better.

Lemony Flavor

Adding lemony touch to green tea not only makes it tastier, it has many health benefits. It keeps body cool, burns fats etc. Squeeze few drops of lemon juice on warm green tea & sip it. You can also add lemongrass oil to get lemony flavored green tea. This green tea recipe is best for weight loss.

Mint Burst

Mint (Pudina) gives refreshing taste to green tea. Add fresh pudina leaves in a hot cup of water. Dip a green tea bag in the water. Keep it closed for a while. Drink soothing mint green tea. This green tea recipe cleanses and removes toxins from the body. You can also drink iced mint green tea. It helps to have relaxed mind and body.

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Ginger Zits

Try this green tea recipe if you love ginger taste. Grate little ginger. Add it to your hot cup of water. Dip green tea bag into the hot water. Close and keep it for a while. Drink this ginger green tea twice a week. It keeps you active and free from sick. You can also add little turmeric. This green tea recipe is good for cold. It also boosts immune system.

Sweet Honey

Let’s make a tasty green tea with a spoonful of honey. Adding natural sweetener honey can make green tea tastier. It doesn’t give more sweetness; it just changes bitter green tea to little sweet taste. If you are drinking green tea for weight loss purpose, add 1 spoonful of honey; not more than that.

Spicy Cinnamon

A best fat burning spice cinnamon can spice up your green tea too. Add small spoon of cinnamon powder to a cup of warm green tea. Mix well and sip it. It gives good aromatic flavor to green tea. Also it is an excellent fat burning green tea recipe.

Tulsi Blast

Here’s a perfect herbal green tea recipe. Tulsi, a holistic touch in green tea can make it taste better. Add little tulsi leaves while brewing green tea. Sip it warm and enjoy the pleasant aroma of tulsi. It is good for cold and cough. It also helps to reduce stress, boost stamina, burns fats and reduces weight.

Best Tip to Make Green Tea

  • If you want to make green tea taste better, take a glass of hot water. Dip the green tea bag and keep it closed for few minutes. Drink the warm green tea.
  • Rather than making green tea with a cup of water, try making in a glass of water adding any of the above ingredients. This is the excellent tip to reduce bitter taste of green tea.

Try these tasty green tea recipes & make the green tea as your favorite health drink!

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