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There’s is no doubt, water is the best drink for diabetes. It’s totally calorie-free, sugar-free and carb-free. Want to please your taste buds while maintaining your health? We have top 10 herbal tea for diabetes health. Swap to natural tea for diabetes instead of regular unhealthy tea or coffee.

Natural Herbal Tea for Diabetes Health


Considering your diabetic condition, dailytipsonline have bought super healthy tea recipes for diabetes. It will help you to keep away diabetic health complications by lowering glucose level.

Tips to Follow

  • Drink these herbal teas in empty stomach to lower blood sugar level.
  • You can drink it one hour before or after meals to keep sugar level in control.
  • Avoid adding any sugar or sugaring products. You can add little black salt for taste and it healthy too.
  1. Iced-Lemon Tea

It’s a refreshing drink for diabetes especially during summers. Lemon is the best fat burner and normalizes blood sugar levels. Prepare own lemon tea and store in refrigerator. You can add black salt as it is very healthy. Drink chilled lemon tea often in a day and stay cool.

  1. Ginger Lemon Tea

New study has revealed drinking ginger lemon tea regularly will reduce effects of diabetes. Rich level of zinc in ginger is useful to stimulate insulin secretion. Grate fresh ginger and boil in water. While drinking squeeze few drops of lemon.

  1. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric root can even help for diabetes cure. So, drink it daily at least once. Boil water in a pan. Grate fresh turmeric and add it to water. Boil well for 10 minutes. Filter and drink the warm turmeric tea. Keep your sugar level controlled and stay tension-free.

  1. Okra Tea

Okra (lady’s finger) is a very useful vegetable known to lower insulin level. You can prepare okra water or tea and drink daily. It helps to decrease blood sugar level and bad cholesterol. Cut the okra into thin slices. Soak in water overnight. Mix well, filter it and drink it in empty stomach.

  1. Fenugreek Tea

Dietary fiber rich in fenugreek has ability to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Soak 2 tsp of fenugreek in water overnight. Morning, boil it for few minutes. Stain it and drink the warm fenugreek tea. Lower your insulin level naturally.

Healthy Drinks for Diabetes Health

  1. Cinnamon Tea

Several studies have proved that cinnamon for helps for diabetes control. Take a glass of warm water. Add 1 tsp of organic cinnamon powder. Mix well and drink it warm. It has many health benefits for diabetes.

  1. Neem & Tulsi Tea

Neem and tulsi both are effective in controlling diabetes. If you can’t drink it often, take the drink once a week. Take a handful of neem & tulsi leaves. Wash well and boil in water for 10 minutes. Filter it and drink it warm.

  1. Amla Tea

Amla (Indian gooseberry) has powerful property to prevent blood sugar from increasing. Buy organic amla powder. Add 1 tsp of amla powder in a glass of warm water. Drink it often. It soothes body and keeps body healthy.

  1. Aloe Vera Tea

Aloe vera is a herbal medicine used for diabetes over centuries. Aloe gel has miraculous properties to lower sugar level. Extract the pure aloe gel and wash it for 4-5 times. Blend it in a mixer and adding a glass of water. Drink it adding a pinch of black salt. Take this twice a week.

  1. Bitter & Bottle Gourd Tea

Gourd family vegetables are very useful in controlling diabetes. Cut bitter and bottle gourd into pieces. Grind it well in a mixer. Boil water in a vessel and add the grinded paste. Boil for 5-10 minutes. Drink this twice in a month. It is totally healthy for diabetic patients.

Drink natural herbal tea for diabetes health daily and forget your diabetic condition!

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