Old Herbal Beauty Tips for Fairness & Glow

Fairness creams can give you fairer complexion only when applied on skin. To get natural fair skin tone forever, you have to boost it inside skin cells. Some miraculous herbal ingredients will work deep inside skin cells to give whiter complexion. They actually lighten skin tone, boost fairness and glow.

You might be so bored of hearing and trying some natural fairness ingredients such as milk, curd, honey, lemon juice etc. It is not the usual remedies now. We have gathered some unheard fairness beauty secrets from old grandmother’s diary. Try these effective herbal beauty tips for fairness & glow.

Skin Care Tip: Before applying these, wash your face with warm water. Steam your face for 2 minutes. It helps to open skin pores and boost fairness from deep inside skin cells.

Tamarind for Fairness

We all know tamarind is used in curries in Indian recipes. Do you know that it one of the natural fairness boosting ingredients?  Vitamin C rich in tamarind helps to get fair and glowing skin. Here are local language names for tamarind. Imli (Hindi), Cintapandu (Telugu), Puli (Tamil).

Tip: Soak some tamarind in water for few minutes. Extract thick pulp of it. Apply it all over face and leave it for 15 minutes. Once it gets dry, wash with cold water. Try it once in a week. It has good skin-bleaching and lighting properties. So, it works in boosting fairness from deep inside skin cells.

Rice or Wheat Flour for Fairness

Natural Beauty Tips for Fairness & Glowing Skin

Both rice flour and wheat flour were used in olden days in India for beauty purposes. You can try rice flour face packs and wheat flour face packs to get natural fairness and glow. It works well in exfoliating and nourishing skin from deep skin layers.

Tip: Take 2 tsp of rice flour or wheat flour. Add 2 tsp of honey and mix well. Apply it all over face. Gently scrub in circular motion from down to upward for few minutes. Leave it and wash after 15 minutes. Try it twice in a month. It is a natural exfoliating technique to get fair and glowing skin.

Kumkumadi Tailam for Fairness

Kumkumadi (saffron) tailam is used in olden days to have radiant complexion for years. This oil is also used for new born babies after 3 months. It is an excellent skin care oil that benefits for all skin problems. It contains mixture of many natural oils and ayuverdic herbs to boost skin tone faster. It will gives visible fairness by nourishing skin deeply.

Tip: Take 3-5 drops of kumkumadi tailam. Apply gently all over face. Massage with fingers for 10 minutes in circular motion. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash with warm water. It can be used for pimples, pigmentation skin problem as well. If you have oily skin use less quantity of  oil, for dry skin you can apply thick layer of oil. For sensitive skin, dilute the oil with coconut oil and apply.

Above tips are effective to get fairer complexion and problem-free skin. Try all these herbal beauty tips for fairness & glow to reveal your fairer skin tone!

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  1. Always try to pick home made remedies as compared to cosmetics containing chemicals which can harm you even more.

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