Olympic Star PV Sindhu’s Workout & Diet Plan

Everyone knows the glorious lady ‘PV Sindhu’ who bought pride to India. She has won a silver medal with her sheer determination and performance in the recently held #Rio2016 Olympics. The 21-year-old PV Sindhu started her badminton journey when she was just 8 years-old from Gopichand, trainer. Here’s everything you want know about PV Sindhu’s daily fitness & diet regime.

PV Sindhu’s Fitness Routine Revealed

Olympic Star PV Sindhu’s Workout & Diet Plan

While Gopichand is PV Sindhu’s badminton trainer, she follows a fitness plan prescribed by Kiran Challagundla, her physiotherapist. He is concentrating more on her physical fitness by examining her blood composition, body weight, heart rate, physical strength and stamina; routinely. After monitoring every result, her fitness plan changes. He prescribes nutrition supplements as per the requirement. As she is tall, she needs right balance and stability to keep her fit.

When Sindhu’s fitness trainer Kiran Challagundle told Hindustan times, keeping full eyes on the importance of her legs, special fitness plan was followed for Sindhu. Fitness regime was different. Running was her main exercise to strengthen her legs. Power-run for 2 to 3 km were followed and pushed till 10 km run. Different fitness trainings were given to Sindhu like the tempo run, ladder run, etc.

PV Sindhu’s Diet Plan Revealed

PV Sindhu’s coach Gopichand completely banned junk foods, sugars, sweets and unhealthy foods from her daily diet. Because, Gopi said sugar will cause inflammation and it will spoil body from recovery. He also told that any champion or athlete should follow this ban to get body fit for sports.

Sindhu’s daily meal is consistently monitored. The real challenge with Sindhu is that her hungriness is very less than normal. She was given with measured, high-calorie healthy meal every time and followed with food supplements. Even, while playing games she used to sip some nutrition supplement drinks. It is high-energy boosting and protein-based drink.

PV Sindhu’s Daily Routine Plan

Sindhu used to follow proper daily routine for her fitness and diet. She starts her day at morning 4. She has three scheduled sessions daily. First session starts at 4 AM and continues till 7 AM.  Second session starts at 8 AM and it continues for a couple of hours and it is a group session. Again, third session starts 11 AM and it continues for an hour.

During evenings, she has gym and court session or gym and running sessions. Gym workouts or running training goes for 2-3 hours a day. She followed it daily for six days a week without any compromise.

Is it mind-blowing? Wait! She doesn’t stop with it. Along with these daily sessions and workouts she will usually do 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, abdominal exercises and core strengthening exercises about 3 times a week.

Sindhu’s physiotherapist Kiran also emphasizes about benefits for yoga. He trains her with active yoga poses, power yoga which also includes sleep and relaxing in swimming pool for fitness purposes. He also added breathing exercises like pranayama, kapalabhati, etc to her daily schedule.

Isn’t it amazing? Know it and it is not a one day task. These are PV Sindhu’s daily routine fitness and diet plan. Champions aren’t made in a day; it takes years of consistent training. Her strong determination, consistent efforts and power have made her a pride champion of India! Let’s get inspired, motivated and move towards our goals!

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