Patanjali Ayurved Products List for Weight Loss

Looking for herbal & ayurvedic products to lose weight? We have a list of weight loss products from Patanjali, an ayurvedic product company. Obesity or over-weight has become a common problem nowadays. Due to many changes in today’s lifestyle even children are growing obese. You can try these natural weight loss products. It is a safe way to lose weight easier at home. Here’s the list of Patanjali products for weight loss!

Herbal Products to Lose Weight Fast

Patanjali Ayurved Products List for Weight Loss

Amla Lauki Juice

Amla & Lauki (Bottle Gourd) juice is a natural tonic for fat loss & weight loss. Amla juice has more health benefits for hair, skin and eye sight problems. Lauki has high water content. It helps to remove fats and wastes from body. Both amla & lauki are made to juice. This is a recommended Patanjali product for weight loss. Mix 2-3 tsp of juice in a glass of hot water. Drink the warm juice twice a day in empty stomach.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is an ayurvedic drink for weight loss. It has numerous health benefits. Drinking aloe vera juice daily helps to lose weight easily. Also, it helps for hair & skin health. Aloe vera juice is not recommended for kids. Mix 2-3 tsp of aloe vera juice in a glass of warm water. Drink it daily morning in empty stomach. You can also drink it twice a day. Avoid over-consuming as it may lead to diarrhea. It is a best slimming product from Patanjali Ayurved.

Triphala Guggul

Triphala Guggul is a best ayurved medicine for weight loss. It is a natural, healthy way to lose weight at home. Both Triphala & Guggulu are powerful in killing unwanted fats in the body. It also removes bad cholesterol. This product is also effective for headache, high blood pressure and indigestion problems. It comes in powder form. Mix 1 tsp of powder in hot water or hot milk. Drink it twice daily in empty stomach. For faster weight loss results, avoid eating non- vegetarian foods and alcohol. This is not suggested for pregnant ladies & kids under 12 years.

Divya Medohar Vati (Tablets)

It is an ayurvedic medicine made of natural fat burning herbs. It is a recommended ayurvedic product for fat loss. It is safe to use for weight loss for all age groups from kids to old people. It burns fats in the body and reduce weight faster. It also boost immunity and prevent common problems like cold, cough, fever & headaches. Many powerful herbs are mixed in it. It comes in the form of tablets. You can consume 1-2 tablets daily. To lose weight faster, make some changes in your food habits while consuming these tablets. Also daily exercising helps to achieve fast weight loss.

Divya Peya Herbal Tea

Drink this slimming tea to lose weight easily in a month. As like green tea, Divya Peya tea is very beneficial to lose weight naturally. It is a excellent fat burning tea. Instead of regular tea or coffee, drink this herbal tea for weight loss. It is natural tea that contains many herbs. It has no side effects. Anyone can drink this herbal tea. You can reduce weight faster at home in a month. It is very useful for people aged above 50s.

Yoga DVD for Obesity

Baba Ramdev gives us the best yoga poses for obesity, weight loss and for belly fat. He has shared exclusive yoga techniques to lose weight easily. Simple exercises, yoga poses are given in the DVD to help people to lose weight effectively at home.

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