Put Cloth Clips on your Ears & See What Happens?

We have unlimited home remedies to treat common health problems. Why we need to go to doctor for common health troubles, when we can cure it easily at home. Today we have bought very good news. Using this clothes clip technique you can get rid of most of the health troubles faster. Do you want to know this amazing method? Just read on.

Ear Reflexology – Pressure Points


How it Works?

Putting cloth pin on right areas of ear can help to treat your health problems easily. It just works like an acupressure technique. Ear is connected with many nerves to all the central nervous system. Applying gentle pressure on correct area of ear will effectively cure your health troubles. Now, let see more about this ear reflexology.

Do you know, it is the reason why our ancestors have so many ear piercings one above the other in the ear area. Also, this ear reflexology is followed in spa while massaging to get rid of body pains.

All you Need

  • Wooden cloth clips
  • Know your health troubles
  • Know the right area to put the cloth clip


Back & Shoulders

If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain and body pain, then put a cloth pin in the top part of your ear. It will give instant relief from back, should and body pain.

Body Organs

Putting a clothes pin on the next level of ear area (below the topmost part) activates all the body organs. If you are feeling slight pain in any of the body organs, try this. Take a medical advice if you have severe pain or discomfort.


If you are suffering from joint pains, then put a cloth clip on the upper middle area of your ear. This relaxes nerves connected to joints and gives good relief.

Sinus & Throat

If you have sinus or headache or throat-related problems, then put a cloth clip on the lower middle area of your ear. It instantly gives better relief in 2-3 hours.


Having digestive disorders such as stomach upset or acidity or gastritis or constipation or diarrhea? Then put a cloth clip in the upper bottom of ear area.

Head & Heart

Put a cloth clip on the earlobe if you are suffering from heart-related disorders and headache due to tension. It will gradually relax main nerves connected to the body and helps for the health trouble.

Note: Make sure you apply gentle pressure on ears (not too much pressure). Avoid this technique if you under medical treatment. You need to keep in mind that effectiveness of this technique varies from person to person. You can put a cloth pin any of the ears (left or right).

Refer the above picture to know where you have to actually put a cloth clip. Try this ear reflexology at home using a clothes clip. Leave your queries and comments in the below box.

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