Secret Tips to Make your Vag Tighter

Any women would feel so awkward, embarrassing to ask about this. It is big problem of women facing over an age. But every women wants to know the secret behind how to tighten vagina to give pleasurable experience to their better half. Do you really know the reason why vagina becomes loose? Many women thinks, ‘loose vagina’ comes from having sexual intercourse too many times. Also, some think it is because of the partner’s penis size. They are not the actual reasons; there are many other reasons for loose vagina. It could have been caused by child birth, menopause, aging, obesity etc. Common misconception among people is, having sex less number of times will not lead to vaginal looseness.To lead a satisfying sex life you have to know some secret tips to make your vag tighter. Read on these tips to get your partner pleasurable sex life experience!

  1. Right Exercising

If you are the one who exercise or do yoga regularly, then you might not have come across the problem of vaginal looseness until your 60s. Certain exercises have proven to be effective to make vaginal walls firmer.

  • Squats

Performing squats everyday helps to regain tight vagina amazingly. Do the squats correctly. Squat is nothing but a chair like posture. Stay on this half-sit posture as long as you can and relax slowly. Gradually increase the timings.

  • Pelvic Exercises

A simple pelvic stretch everyday will keep vag tighter for years. Pelvic exercises target especially pelvic floor muscles and helps in toning. This is said to be a effective exercise to make vagina tighter.

  • Yoga

Certain yoga pose does good for vaginal muscles and strengthens it naturally. Yoga poses such as bridge pose, child’s pose are excellent for tightening pelvic muscles which inturn tightens vag muscle.

  1. Right Eating

Vaginal Tightening Tips

You can naturally tighten vagina eating phytoestrogens-rich diet. Phytoestrogens are abudently present in pomegranate, fenugreek, sesame seeds, carrots, apples etc. Eat these foods to tighten vagina naturally.

  1. Home Remedies

Modern day science and technology has given us many beneficial products to tighten vag. It is best to use vaginal tightening creams as they are safer than other options. Many natural herbs like curcuma comosa, manjakani etc. have amazing properties to regain lost elasticity and firmness on skin. Choose any natural ingredient infused vaginal tightening creams and buy it. It works best to make vag tight in a few minutes. Applying these creams on vaginal walls, promotes vaginal tightness, vaginal lubrication and prevents dryness.

These are the secret tips to make your vag tighter! Try them and regain your lost confidence and gripping sexual life back at ease. Make your partner regain that pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience!

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  1. Nice blog! Vaginal prolapse is a very common problem in women. Squats, yoga and kegel exercises are some available options which can be used for tightening the vagina. Thanks!

  2. Nice blog post! The kegel exercises are known for the best treatment for tightening the vagina.

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