Quick Daily Face Makeup Steps & Tips

Daily face makeup is essential for every woman to enhance their natural beauty. There are tons of face makeup products available in market. To do simple face makeup for everyday purpose, doesn’t require all. For many, doing makeup takes most of their morning time. We have a handful of steps to do daily face makeup quickly at home. Make you makeup routine simple and look fabulous.

Step #1: Preparing Face – Every time before you start your makeup, cleanse your face. You can use cleansers for your skin type. Dab little cleanser on a cotton ball. Simply wipe all over your face from forehead to neck. Else, use cleansing wipes to get clean and clear face.

Tip: Ensure you cleanse your face at the end of the day as well. You can use disposable makeup removal wipes to remove makeup easily.

Step #2: Base Makeup –  Get any light foundation for daily use. It helps to get even skin tone, covers up dark spots and dark circles. It also gives radiant and glowing skin tone. Apply tiny dots all your face. Blend well with a makeup brush. Reapply tiny dots all around eyes and on dark spots to cover up.

Tip: Foundation may be heavy on skin for daily face makeup. You can choose light-mousse foundation or any BB or CC cream whichever suits your skin.

Step #3: Sunscreens – Using sunscreen is an important part in daily face makeup steps.  Not all sunscreens are oily and sticky. You have plenty of options to choose sunscreen. Pick the best sunscreen for daily use which suits your skin. Also, check your sunscreen contains moisturizer as well.

Tip: If you are applying foundation, choose powder sunscreens. If you not applying foundation or any creams for base makeup, choose oil free, gel or lotion sunscreens.

Daily Face Makeup Steps products

Step #4: Fine Finish – Complete your face makeup with a compact powder. To gives good finish and instant radiance to your face. Apply compact powder smoothly with a pad provided in it. Finally, blend well with a brush to get even-toned glowing finish.

Tip: Face compact powders comes in different colors like ivory white, soft beige, dusky, pearl, shell etc. Choose the right one which can enhance your skin tone.

Step #5: Eye Makeup – Cosmetics for eye makeup are countless. For daily use, you require very few items. Apply a layer of smudge-free kajal on your eyes. Then, apply a line of eye liner over your eyes. Apply mascara on your eye lashes. If you wish to color your eyes, quickly apply some colorful eye shadows on eye-lids.

Tip: While choosing eye makeup products, check it is smudge-free, long-lasting and water-proof.

Step #6: Lip Dips – If you love to have some colors on your lips, apply your desired lip sticks. To get simple shiny look, apply a moisturized, SPF contained lip balm. Apply a thin coat to get soft, smooth and shiny lips.

Tip: Lip balms come in many fragrances and colors and shiny-pigments. If you want to color lips, choose cherry red or peach or pink lip balms. If you like to add shine to your lips, then go for shiny or glossy lips balms without colors.

Follow these 6 quick face makeup steps to finish your routine makeup in less than 5 minutes!

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