5 Steps for Effective Home Facials & Face Packs

Want to make your home facials better? Doing facials at home in a right way matters a lot to get glowing & healthy skin. A famous beauty therapist Shiya Sruthi gives you quick steps to follow for home face packs & facials. Let’s make home face packs effective for skin using these steps.

Professional Tips for Home Facials & Face Packs

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Step #1: Face Steaming

If you want to get full benefits of your face pack or facials, then you must do face steaming. While steaming face, skin pores opens. So, while applying face pack your  skin will absorb all the goodness of face pack applied. Just do face steaming for 3-5 minutes in hot water. If you want to make face pack instantly, then face your wash with warm water 2-3 times and start applying face pack or facials.

Step #2: Apply Rightly

Right application is more important to get even-toned, fair and beautiful skin. Use some beauty products required for home facials. Use separate cup or palette and mix face pack ingredients well. Wear a hair band or head hand before applying. Also, use separate face pack brush to apply evenly on face. After applying, wash the cup and brush in warm water and use it for next time.

Step #3: Wait for a While

You need not to check your clock for washing your face. Leave it for a while. The ideal time to wash any face pack is when it is dried completely. Apply and wait until it dries completely. If you don’t have enough time to wait, then wash your face when it is getting dry.

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Step #4: Cold Splash

It is the most important tip to follow in home facials. Always wash your face with cold water when applied face packs or facials. Gently splash cold water over face and cleanse face. Use clean towel and gently touch over face. Using cold water for final face rinse will close skin pores and prevent acne skin infections.

Step #5: Hydrate Skin

You must hydrate skin with a suitable toner and moisturizer. It helps to protect skin, gives soft, smooth and skin. After washing face with cold water, use rose water or any other toners for your skin type. Use cotton and apply the toner all over face. Apply any moisturizer on face and massage for few minutes.

Follow these steps for effective home facials & face packs from the next time. It gives more benefits for skin health!

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