Tips to Deal with Periods Pain at Work Place

Menstrual cramps are really painful especially for school going, college going & working women. Women need complete care and rest during those painful periods in a month. But to manage their routine life they run to work in those painful days too. Here are few easy tips to deal with periods pain when out for work or school or college. Stay cool and pain-free even while staying out of home.

Home Remedies to Cope with Menstrual Cramps

Tips to Deal with Menstrual Pain at Work/Office

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Tip #1: Morning Drink

Drink atleast 3 glasses of warm water in the morning after wake-up. It will reduce body heat and prevent painful cramps during the day. Also, drink a glass of milk adding cardamom powder or badam powder before breakfast. It helps to relax mind and gives relief from periods pain. Also it gives good strength to body to stay energetic throughout the day.

Tip: Take 2 tsp of fenugreek seeds in the morning in empty stomach during period days to prevent pain.

Tip #2: Use Essential Oil

Carry your favorite essential oil bottle to office. While at work, when you start feeling the cramps, take little essential oil and massage your nails in hands & in legs gently. Also, when you go rest room, apply little essential oil on abdomen and belly button. Massage for few minutes. Essential oils are non-sticky and it doesn’t stick to clothes and make messy. It gives good relief from menstrual pain naturally. This is one of the very useful tips to deal with menstrual cramps at office.

Tip #3: Take Short Nap

Every women must take rest sometime during period days. Go for short break for a while. It helps to keep you relaxed. After applying essential oil lie down flat or lie on table for few minutes. If you have back pain or abdominal pain, apply little pain balm and relax. Lie down for 15 -20 minutes. Taking short rest helps to relieve menstrual pain and cramps easily.

Tip #4: Juicing

During menstrual days, eat light foods especially during first two days. Go for juicing throughout the day with light foods. Juicing is a best way to stop periods pain naturally. Drink pomegranate, grapes and orange juices to be healthy and pain-free. Along with it, take light foods such as bread, butter, jam etc. Also, carry a bottle of lemon water. Drink it all through the day. It helps to keep body cool, refreshed and energetic.

Tip #5: Deep Breath

Be conscious and take deep breath while at school or college or work. It helps to ease menstrual cramps easily. You can do simple meditation sitting in your place. You can also take a walk and sit in a calm place and do breath-in & breath-out exercise for few minutes. It keeps mind peaceful, relaxed and prevents periods pain.

Tip #6: Chocolates & Ice Cream

During menstrual days, most women experience mood swings. To deal with it you can eat some chocolates and ice cream. So, have your favorite chocolate in your bag. Eat a piece of chocalate during period days when you are feeling to eat it. Eating these helps to boost mood and keep you forget your pain.

So, next time follow these useful tips during periods to prevent periods pain naturally. Have happy periods!

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  1. Vitamin D helps for instant Pain relief during Periods. If possible kindly provide the Vitamin D tablet or medicine name. Thank You in Advance.

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