Tips for Moms to Keep Kids Healthy & Sick-Free

Are you kids feeling sick often? Every mother want their kids to be healthy & sick-free. Do you really want to know how to make it? Dailytipsonline has come up with the exclusive tips for your kids’ health from famous pediatricians in India. Healthy kids will be smart, brainy and successful. Read these useful tips and follow it regularly.

How to Keep Your Kid Healthy

Dear moms, first and foremost all you need to do to keep kids healthy & sick-free is boost their immunity. Let’s go ahead to make it.

Tips for Moms to Keep Kids Healthy & Sick-Free

Tip #1: Warm Water Wakeup

Wake up your kids with a glass of warm water. Drinking a glass warm water in the morning gives many health benefits. It will boost immunity, prevents fever, cold, diseases, kills stomach worms etc. It is helpful to prevent constipation in children. So, next time children your will not complain about stomach ache while starting to school.

Tip #2: Milky Mornings

Protein and calcium rich milk is must for kids. A large glass of cow’s milk should be given before breakfast. It will help kids to grow healthy and keeps bones, teeth healthy. You can make it as smoothie by adding banana, dates, dates and cashews.

Tip #3: Protein-Rich Breakfast

Growing kids needs more proteins to be active, strong and brainy. So, ensure your kids morning breakfast is full of rich proteins. Add eggs, cheese, brown bread with homemade peanut butter etc.

Tip #4: Green Lunch

Pack green lunch to your kids. You must add greens in daily foods as they are very healthy. You can include mint, coriander, greens (spinach), green peas etc. They are rich in many nutrients and helps for brain & body development of kids.

Tip #5: Healthy Snacks

It is very important to keep your kids out of unhealthy junks such as chips, bakery products. Always prefer healthy homemade snacks. Serve them peanut cake, sesame cakes, boiled chana, sweetcorn, nuts, dried fruits, seasonal fruits, brown bread sandwich, egg omelette, veg or egg wraps.

Tip #6: Light Dinner

Avoid loading your kid stomach with heavy dinner especially in restaurants. It will cause digestion problems and leaves in stomach pain in the morning. So, always serve them light dinner. You can give them chapati, dosa, idly adding little ghee or cheese with chutneys.

Tip #7: Milky Nights

 Start your kids day with milk and complete the day with milk. It provides complete nutritional benefits for growing kids. Avoid smoothies at night. Give them a glass of warm plain milk half hour before sleeping. You can add little badam powder if required.

If you start to follow these tips for now on, you will see big changes in your kids brain & body development. Keep your kids healthy & sick-free!

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