Tips to Make Gulab Jamun Soft Without Cracks

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Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian sweet that everyone loves to eat more. Not all can make the perfect round, soft, smooth and crack-free gulab jamuns. So, we have gathered all the tricky tips to make perfect gulab jamun from India’s top chefs. There are multiple reasons why gulab jamun breaks while frying or while in syrup. Here are those cooking tips to make gulab jamun soft; without cracks. Make mouth-watering gulab jamun sweet at home and get sweet applause from your sweeties!

Whether you prepare gulab jamun from instant mix or from khova or milk, following these tips help to get perfect gulab jamuns!

#1: Dough Mix

Mixing dough is one of the steps to get soft cracks-free gulab jamun soft. After you get the instant gulab jamun mix from the market, put it in a wide-mouth vessel. Take a small glass of non-sugared warm milk. Add milk little-by-little while mixing the dough. Use fork to mix the dough, because using hand may harden the dough. Mix well until the soft dough is formed. Don’t over pour milk. Knead the dough well for 5 minutes using fork. It helps to get soft and spongy jamuns. Cover the dough for 10 minutes and start making balls. This is one of the tricky tips to make gulab jamun soft without cracks.

#2: Ball Making

Main tip to get round, breaks-free gulab jamun depends on how you make the ball. Apply melted ghee or oil on both hands while making every ball. Take little dough, make it round until you get spherical balls. Ensure the balls you prepare are smooth without any cracks. Don’t give too much pressure while making balls, make it gentle. Else, it will harden gulab jamun and will lead to breaking while frying. Make perfect balls and keep aside.

How to Make Gulab Jamun in shape

#3: Oil-Ghee Temperature

One of the main tips to make gulab jamun soft without cracks is to maintain right temperature for frying. Keep the burner in sim mode which means low-flame mode. If the temperature is high, gulab jamun colour will change soon to dark brown also, contents inside will not be cooked. So, keep the burner to the low-medium heat. Start to switch on the burner while you are mixing the dough. Ensure it is in the low-flame until you finish it off.

#4: Frying

Here’s that tip to make gulab jamun without breaking while frying. Before putting the balls into the oil or ghee pan, pre-test the oil whether is at right temperature. Put a small piece of dough and check it out. If its fine, then slowly drop balls one-by-one into the oil. Ensure balls do not dash each other. Also, ensure you do not continuously stir balls in the oil. This will make cracks and breaks on the jamuns. Stir once in a while gently without hitting hardly on the balls. Once balls turn slight brown, take them and drop into hot sugar syrup.

We hope chefs’ cooking tips to make gulab jamun soft without cracks will be really useful. Make perfect gulab jamuns from next time and make the day sweeter!

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