Tips to Get More Calcium from your Daily Diet

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Want to be stronger and healthier? Then, you certainly need to get more calcium from your daily diet. Most of us know calcium is a vital nutrient for the body to stay strong and healthy. Do you know? All our body cells use calcium to function. Even the neuro system, heart, blood, muscles use calcium to function. That is why they say calcium is very important for everyone regardless of age or gender. Especially, women and children need more calcium to prevent many health problems.

Lack of calcium in the body can lead to memory loss, muscle spasms, depression, bone problems, sleeping disorders etc. So, make best use of these easy tips to get more calcium from your daily diet. Here we go!

Calcium Sources from Daily Diet

These days we are taking calcium supplements as it is an essential mineral for the body. Why do we have to take for supplements as it is abundantly found in our daily foods? Following are the best food sources of calcium. Add them in your daily diet to enjoy strong and healthy body! Here are dairy and non-dairy sources of calcium.

Tips for Calcium in Food

Dairy Sources

The ultimate storehouse of calcium is dairy sources. You can get more calcium from your daily diet by simply adding any of these dairy products. Get rich calcium by daily consuming a large glass of milk, a cup of yoghurt or curd, a cube of cheese and a piece of tofu.You can also drink calcium fortified soy milk as it contains good amount of calcium.

Leafy Green Foods& Legumes

Calcium is largely loaded in all leafy veggies, greens and legumes. Include spinach, greens, green beans, asparagus, ladies finger, broccoli and other leafy vegetables in daily food. Make a small portion of your daily lunch filled with these leafy greens. It will power-up your health and keep you stronger ensuring you get sufficient calcium to the body.


Seeds rich in calcium are sesame seeds, flax seeds, almonds and chia seeds. Absorb more calcium by eating these seeds daily. Add these small seeds that gives calcium in your daily diet. These seeds are really high in calcium content and can also contribute other nutrients to your body.


You can also meet your daily calcium requirement by eating calcium-rich fruits. Fruits that contain calcium are oranges, prunes, kiwi, bananas, dried figs and dates. Include any 2 of these fruits in your daily diet. Eating these delicious fruits store sufficient calcium in your body.

Herbs & Spices

Season your foods with these calcium loaded herbs and spices! It can help you to get more calcium from your daily diet. It will also make your food tasty, flavored and helps to get good calcium boost. Basil, oregano, thyme, dill weed, cinnamon, parsley, garlic, rosemary and peppermint leaves. Store these herbs in your kitchen and use it daily to get good calcium.

To get more calcium from your daily diet, eat these excellent calcium rich foods! Get ready with a shopping list of calcium rich foods to keep you stronger and healthier!

Tip: Reduce your caffeine, soft drinks and alcohol intake as they might prevent calcium absorption of the body. Also, ensure you take Vitamin D rich foods as it helps to absorb more calcium in the body.

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