Tips to Make Creamy Coffee Without Cream

Here’s simple tips to make creamy coffee at home. Let’s make a cup of creamy cappuccino coffee quickly. Cup a coffee at home as like served at branded coffee shops.

Ingredients Required

  • Instant coffee powder
  • Cocoa powder
  • Whipped cream or coconut milk
  • Creamy milk (Boiled)
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon powder (optional)

Tasty Tips to Make Creamy Coffee at Home

Tips to Make Creamy Cappuccino Coffee at Home without Machine

Tip #1: Take your coffee mug and add 1 spoonful of instant coffee powder.

(If you want a strong coffee, add one more spoon of coffee powder)

Tip #2: Add required sugar according to your taste.

Tip #3: Add 1 spoon of whipped cream

Tip #4: Stir well for 2- 3 minutes until all the ingredients blend well

Tip #5: Add some more cream less than a spoon.

Tip #6: Stir well for 2 minutes to blend all the ingredients well.

Tip #7: Add 200 ml of hot creamy milk and stir well.

Tip #8: Finally add ½ spoon of cocoa powder before serving and stir well.

(If you want, you can add a pinch of cinnamon powder instead of cocoa powder)

Tip #9: If you like to have warm, sip it now. If you want cold coffee, freeze for sometime and enjoy.

Tip #10: Your creamy coffee-shop style cappuccino is ready!

How to Make Creamy Coffee without Cream?

If you don’t have whipped cream, don’t worry. We have a super alternative for whipped cream. You can use coconut milk instead. Here are the steps to make coconut milk creamy to make creamy coffee.

  • Extract a cup of coconut milk and keep it in fridge for an hour
  • Take it out after an hour and beat well continuously for 5 minutes
  • Use electronic blender or hand blender or metal spoon to beat well
  • Add little sugar to it and beat well
  • Beat until thick creamy coconut milk is ready
  • Now you can make creamy coffee without cream using coconut milk cream!

Prepare creamy coffee at home without cream once in a while and enjoy it!



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