Try this Delicious Bread Kulfi, so Yummylious!

Here’s an amazingly cool sweet recipe that everyone loves to enjoy. It’s very simple to prepare with the easily available ingredients near your super markets. Let’s prepare a perfect bread kulfi & enjoy it.

Ingredients Required to Make Bread Qulfi

  • Double cream – 2 cups

You can also buy any cream if you don’t get double cream.

  • Creamy milk – ½ cup

Take half cup of boiled rich creamy milk.

  • Condensed milk or milkmaid – ½ cup

Make a thick condensed milk at home. You can also buy readymade condensed milk available at stores.

  • Bread – 2-3 slices

Use freshly baked bread slices.

  • Nuts & Dry Fruits – 1 handful

Take some almonds, raisins or black currants, pista, walnuts etc. Chop it into thin pieces.

  • Cardamom powder – ½ tsp

Take two cardamom cloves and powder it finely adding 3 spoons of sugar.

  • Rose essence – 1 tsp

Add few drops of rose syrup (its optional)

Easy Steps to Prepare Bread Kulfi 

  • Take bread slices and cut out the brown edges. Soak it in plain water.
  • Gently squeeze the water and put it in blender
  • Add double cream, milk, condensed milk, cardamom powder into the blender
  • Blend it well to thick smooth paste
  • Put it into the clean tray or kulfi molds
  • Add the nuts and dry fruits & mix well
  • Cover the container with aluminum foil
  • Freeze it for 5-6 hours
  • Take out the chilled delicious bread kulfi.

Tip: Want to make super soft kulfi? Then, first keep it in freezer for 4 hours. Take out, put it in blender or chopper. Run it and again freeze it for 8 hours.

Let’s prepare this easy sweet cold recipe with bread at home this weekend & make it great delight for you & your lovables!

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