Types of Maternity Jeans Wear for Pregnancy

Wearing jeans during pregnancy hurt your baby? Any clothing that is loose, comfortable that doesn’t pressure on baby bump are advised to wear to during pregnancy. Are you a working women feeling more comfortable wearing jeans? You can wear right jeans even in pregnancy without any confusion.  Here are the types of maternity jeans to wear during pregnancy. Read the below maternity jeans buying guide and be a denim girl even in pregnancy!

Pregnancy Jeans Types & Buying Guide

Pregnancy Jeans Buying Guide Online

Overbelly Waistband Jeans

Pregnancy Jeans Type #1: Overbelly Waistband Jeans

Overbelly waistband jeans are the most-opted maternity jeans so far. This type of jeans has gentle stretchable waistband all around belly covering baby bump. It is super easy to wear and makes you sit, stand, work comfortable. Soft stretchable waistband in this jeans type provides right support to growing belly. You can perfectly match with tees, kurta, kurtis and many others. This maternity jeans type is also useful in holding saggy tummy upwards during post-pregnancy.

Tip: You can choose maternity jeans over or under bump which is more comfortable for your body type. Overbelly waistband maternity leggings and jeggings also available.

Type #2: Underbelly Waistband Jeans

Pregnancy Jeans Buying Guide Online

Underbelly Waistband Jeans

Underbelly waistband jeans are one of the pregnancy jeans types. It has stretchable waistband under the belly. Stretchable elastic band around waist (hip) will act as supportive layer for the growing belly. If you have c-section in your earlier pregnancy, then this maternity jeans type may be little uncomfortable when belly is coming out.

Tip: These underbelly waistband jeans may apply certain pressure on your belly when baby bump is growing. So, choose one or two size extra from your regular size. It will comfortable to wear during your complete pregnancy phase.

Pregnancy Jeans Type #3: Side Panel Stretchbands Jeans

Pregnancy Jeans Buying Guide Online

Side Stretchable Waistband Jeans

Side stretch bands pregnancy jeans comes like a regular jeans with side stretch bands. The soft –elastic side stretch bands will expand wider and offers good support to expanding waist (hip). This jeans sits comfortably on lower belly and supports growing belly. If you looking for a maternity jeans that looks like your regular jeans, then it is the one you should go for.

Tip: if you are overweight or having broad waistline, then choose this side stretchable maternity jeans types.

Tips to Buy Maternity Jeans Online

You can also buy all your maternity clothes in online at great discounts. Regarding maternity jeans size guide, it same as your regular size before pregnancy. Make use of these tips to buy pregnancy jeans online to get super comfortable one.

  • Your pre-pregnancy is your maternity size
  • Look for soft cotton or cotton blend denim fabric jeans
  • Choose one size extra than your regular size

Pick your most-comfortable maternity jeans and feel super-comfortable throughout pregnancy. Happy pregnancy!

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