Women’s Health Concerns to Notice from 40s

Women’s are prone to serious health problems while they are aging. So, every women must be aware of these health concerns and start to take preventive care right from their 30s. If you follow it, then you a live a life without health issues in your later ages. Dailytipsonline brings to notice women’s top health concerns to help women boost their health.

Top Health Problems of Women over 40s

What are Common Health Issues of Women over 50s

Breast Cancer

It is the most common cancer in women which is leading cause of death for women. Every woman should check their breasts regularly in mirror. You should look for

  • Any change in breast shape, size and color
  • Breasts are even in shape or any swelling
  • Check any rashes, swelling, bulging on breasts
  • Check nipple position (changed or inverted)

If you find any of these symptoms, visit a specialist and take medical treatment immediately. To prevent breast cancer, keep your weight in control, follow healthy diet and be physically active.

Uterus Cancer

Do you know? 4 out of 5 women are having major health issue in uterus. The recent report on it is a great shock to many. Every woman must take preventive measures to avoid uterus removal. The problem first starts with mild uterus pain. It then leads to uterus removal which causes many problems in women like excessive weight gain, lack of sexual feeling, bone diseases etc. Keep uterus healthy by eating omega-3 rich foods & doing exercises or yoga.


It is a major health concern of any woman while aging. Due to lack of calcium, bone gets weak. Women experience pain in shoulders, neck, knees and also in joints. You can prevent osteoporosis if your bones are healthy. Prevent the pain before it attacks you. Follow a healthy diet with more Vitamin D and calcium rich foods.

Depression or Stress

Due to hormonal changes, women are more prone to depression or stress related health concerns. Stress can become very serious trouble & can leads to heart problems, high blood pressure, thyroid, obesity etc. So, always keep stress out of your life. Do meditation or yoga everyday to de-stress yourself. Listen to mild music, take a walk in fresh air. Spend some time for your hobby.

Heart Diseases

Heart problems are not only attacking men, it also attacks more women in recent times. Recent reports say that 29% women are dying with heart troubles. As men are mostly diagnosed with heart problems, women are not concerning about her heart health. Every woman should keep heart healthy.

Common Symptoms of heart diseases in women are chest pain, vomiting sensation, shoulder ache or shortness of breath.

Common Reasons for heart troubles are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or overweight.

Beware of these health problems of women over ageing. Prevent yourself from them well before!

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